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    May 7, 2008 11:46 pm

    5/07/08  Greetings, iFanboy Comics Fans -

    I feel like a dolt and like I have been on the Slow Boat! 

    I just now realized that the injured Store Owner in that shooting is the same David Pirkola that is a Member of our local Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce!  I had heard about the shooting on the radio. (At that point, they had not yet released his name.)  We did not make the connection until I followed up on the news story and surfed into your (terrific!) web site and saw all your posts!

    Our Chamber is about 650 Businesses strong, with close to 24,000 employees in total.  I will be putting the word out to our Local Business Community that you have established this fund for David and will encourage everyone to make a significant contribution to it for David.

    I feel bad that it took us this long to complete this loop, but this Business Community will do what we can to help David and Apparitions get through this tough time.  We're right here on the ground in and around his neighborhood, so if any of you hear of anything that we might be able to help with, please feel free to let me know.

    Thanks for all that you are doing!

    John J. Crawford, President & CEO - Wyoming-Kentwood Area Chamber of Commerce

    590  32nd Street SE, Wyoming, MI  49548-2345  616-531-5990