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    August 14, 2013 2:32 pm To me the point of the movie/story is that a selfish, unheroic universe was created when Flash made the selfish decision to save the life of his mother without regard to the ripples that might occur by doing so. Flash essentially started the DCU that we know because the character success ignited what we know as the silver-age. So it's appropriate that his selfish decision would ultimately create a DCU that would be self-serving rather than heroic. Everyone from Aquaman to Wonder Woman made selfish choices rather than altruistic ones which left the Earth in such a crappy state. Barry Allen still has that heroic spark from the previous timeline and as characters interact with him, they tend to make more heroic choices. When Barry sees his action was the root cause, he makes the unselfish move to stop the interference. To me, I think it works storywise. I had more problem with the anime-inspired character design than the actual animation. It certainly was more violent than most of the DC movies have been despite all of them being rated PG-13, but the point of the violence was to show how unheroic the Flashpoint universe is compared to the regular DCU. However, DC/Warners may get some blowback from parents expecting a more kid-friendly adventure. Cartoons and superheroes still spells kiddie product to many and the movie was not kid friendly.