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    August 1, 2017 11:44 pm Just a quick note in relation to the upcoming booksplode on the Cerebus "Church and State, Book 1". An enormous obstacle to evaluating any part of that mammoth work is in missing the context of everything that's come before. As an assist, nearly 15 years ago I did a full review of the whole series and posted it on the (then living) livejournal under the moniker 'ersazinsomnia' in a series of posts titled "Something Fell". If you're interested in (or struggling to make sense of) what led up to "Church and State" (or if your interested in where it went after), the posts still exist and you're welcome to browse through them. The one directly related to C&SI is here: While the actual beginning of the whole thing is here: Just tab back to the posts before. A warning. I tried to be thorough, and cover everything, including events outside of but concerning the comic, Sim's resultant reputation and the series' slow descent into socio-political polemic. Thus each of the sections are VERY LONG. The whole thing together is actually longer than my doctoral thesis, but each of the individual sections should be more manageable.