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    January 21, 2012 6:07 pm Old thread but, why do people seem to think "younger readers will want to relate to characters their own age" is even a thing? The last time I walked into the a comic book store I was the only customer with a full head of hair. I am reminded of this fact when I catch my reflection in the glassy screen of my iPad before it powers up so I can read my latest downloads. Look at all of the young x-team books that have bombed over the years. I believe the current New Mutants volume survives almost solely on older readers with a fond nostalgic glow for the pre-Liefeld era of the original run. Heck, the latest cover is a total throwback to the style of those scratchy New Mutants covers from back in the day. As far as the Avengers go - kids piling out of the cinemas after seeing a big, flashy movie starring Captain America, Thor, Iron Man etc. aren't going to give a rat's ass about White Tiger and Lightspeed. If they bother picking up one of those flimsy pamphlets for the first time it will probably be Avengers or New Avengers and by God ... the confusion ... "Spider-Man and Wolverine are Avengers? Is that the Thing from Fantastic Four ... ??? ... and ... and ... wait ... the Hulk is red now?!? .... oh, he's not the same Hulk ... and the other Hulk has a son ... wait ... what?!?!" - gone, never to buy another damned issue. This comic book world of ours is secret. We've been recycling the same nerds for decades!