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    JauntyJohn's Recent Comments
    June 6, 2017 12:18 am MARVEL Agents of Shield was really very good this season. It is phenomenal story telling; great pacing, stellar performances (mostly) etc. And once in a while I even have a "I did NOT see that coming" moment, even though I am a jaded old fanboy who maybe hasn't seen it ALL, but has seen a lot. WW Annual 1 made me super nostalgic for the years gone by where almost every title had a "Giant Super Sized Annual!" with three or four stories, sometimes some maps (I would give a significant body part for what I remember as a killer floor plan/map/tour of the old Legion of Super Heroes clubhouse -- you know, that one that looked like an upside down yellow rocket smashed nose first into the ground) and in general was full of fun, breezy stories which explored the characters but wasn't bogged down by a metric ton of continuity and cross-title marketing imperatives. Thank you gentlemen for another enjoyable 'cast.
    June 5, 2017 11:40 pm Wow... I guess you really ARE lost. Bye, Felicia.
    June 3, 2017 6:10 pm To put it charitably, I think Finn was seriously mis-cast. Even given that these stories take place in a fantastical universe he was never believable to me as... anything. I think of it as GoT effect -- if you got a role in that show suddenly you're a hot property, whether you've really got the chops (is that a bad pun?) or not. Honestly from a writing and acting standpoint Ward was the standout. He and his character really traveled an arc. There was a fantastic moment when, after he finds out his father has come back from the dead, he was just brilliant at being freaked out, resigned, outraged... But why... seriously, why... did we travel something like 28 city blocks with returned-from-the-dead ward's dad? It added nothing, it explained nothing, it was just plain stoopid. Show him murkily rising to the surface of the swamp, crawl up on land, one big scary roar... and cut to the penthouse, and him cleaned up and more crazy and more evil. Maybe the intensity of the criticism was heightened, but this was MUCH more of a miss than a hit.
    June 3, 2017 5:52 pm I went Thursday night to add my movie-voting dollars to her pre-opening weekend tally. I think I spend the first fifteen minutes in near-disbelief saying over and over to myself "The didn't screw it up! OMG they didn't screw it up!" Then I relaxed into pure enjoyment. Is is uneven? Sure. But it's still a great fun movie and more than transcended all the extra pressures, benchmarks and expectations it inevitably had. Thanks for getting this one out early, guys.
    November 13, 2016 8:22 pm Oh, I was hoping hoping hoping you would talk about WW #10. The Nicola Scott art is so damn good - some of the panels are great comic booking (to loosely quote you all to yourselves). Mother Panic is really fresh - very original work on her look, which really makes me want to stick with it. You've talked me into giving A. 1.1 a try. I admit I'm of the school where comic numbering with a digital addition to it gives me hard eye rolls. I think the Scarlet Witch's headpiece was (originally) a riff on Magneto's helmet crossed with a tiara. What it evolved into was cool - and certainly distinctive - but its original iteration looked a lot like she got her face stuck in a bolt of fabric and they just cut a circle around it so she could breathe and talk.
    November 10, 2016 10:35 pm Thanks for the S.E. Podcast, guys. My two cents: Rachel McAdams was wasted, yes, but Dr. S. doesn't really have a Lois Lane until Clea comes along, and that is well after his origin. Having a love interest that he mistreats and then apologizes to is good arc shorthand for his internal transformation. I think any restlessness felt in watching is more about that it is a trope-filed story origin arc - Marvel loves their fallen princes: (Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman et al).. We know he's going to be a dick, we know he's going to be broken down, we know he'll rise to take up the responsibility of being the hero because that's what these stories all are - no surprises. But to spend any less time on those beats I think would have robbed the payoff of emotional weight, even though you see it all coming from a mile away. There is definitely a low grade hum of "come on! get to the magic!" during the first act (after the opening set piece) but I don't think they could have spent any less time in that set up. Loved the cloak. They made it fresh. If we HAD to do yet another "there's giant black hole in the sky and the world is doomed" element to the finale, at least Strange's solution was about being clever. With the countless time travel stories around across many, many heroes, I honestly feel like they gave it a fresh twist. I give it an A on adaptation and a good solid B+ on being a good movie.