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    November 13, 2008 2:51 pm

    Ok-am I the only one who gets annoyed that people who obviously have computer access and have had enough to be web savvy (meaning they have had time to work on a computer) have the audacity to say that they won't buy some because of financial reasons?

     I truly have less of an issue with people taking digital media than I do with people justify taking digital media.  If you're just too cheap to pay-just say that! As long as you don't complain if the service disappears, then I could care less.  It's just SO obnoxious to have people acting like they are making a choice between eating and not eating or something like it.  EVERYTHING WE ARE TALKING ABOUT IS A LUXURY ITEM.  You don't HAVE to read comic books, you don't HAVE to listen to music.

     I'm gonna scream if I have to hear one more cheap bastard justify taking something without paying for it because they wouldn't have paid anyway...that is an incredibly lame argument. You seem to have no issue taking the time to enjoy it...!?!!  Do what ever you want, just don't pretend like it's something it's not...

    November 12, 2008 4:45 pm

    Good article Mike!

    It's a weird time with this kind of stuff.  I deal with it all the time with the music thing...People justify getting anything digital they want because they once bought something like it years ago...It's bizzare having a conversation with people about this.  I've litterally had people tell me that they don't feel they should have to buy anything that is available in digital form and then, in the next breath, tell me that if they produced something they would expect people to buy it!?!! 

    I could go on and on with a tirade about 'these punk kids and their sense of entitlment' but it really comes down to the reality that everyone has to find ways to create something that has with a value beyond it's form because everyone, in the end, votes with their pocket book...


    ...See NIN and RadioHead...