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    The Superior Spider-Man_7

    Now this here is my chap! This new direction that spiderman is heading with doc in his noggin is really…

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    Thanos Rising_1

    A bold and smashing tale for one of marvel’s most infamous villains and i love it. It’s a grand yet…

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    Action Comics_19_Full

    DC is a cup cake an’ a half short of willy tea party with this book. I swear, they are…

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    ItsBloodyMichaelCaine's Recent Comments
    January 18, 2013 7:46 am We've got to admit that we've seen far worse in our mainstream media and its pretty obvious that the story does not take itself seriously. There are other "offensive" topics in the comic but it be naive of us to think that they are aiming for moral correctness in the book. Regardless, i understand why others would be offended enough by the story but i think it would be to much to ask me to jump off a bridge for it.