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    April 5, 2017 7:03 pm I know I'm kinda late on this one but I listen to you guys on the way to the comic store so I just heard the new issue. You said you haven't received any guff about the Power Rangers so here it is! I'm throwing the guff! But, in all seriousness, while the original Mighty Morphin days may have been overly cheesy, Power Rangers as a whole has had a lot of great moments. I'm not saying you guys should be into it because it was obviously after your time, but I do feel like you're being a little harsh to say it's just not good. There have been some genuinely heart-wrenching moments in it. If you ever get a chance, you should check out a guy named Linkara who has dissected each season and really highlights the greater aspects of it (He also does bad comic reviews!). Sidenote: the guy who said the show has been around since the 70's was somewhat wrong. The Sentai series that Power Rangers gets a lot of it's footage from started in the 70's but the american Power Rangers tv show started in 1993. Love the podcast, but I just wanted some guff to be given haha. Have a great day!