Name: René Reiche

Bio: 28 year old never-grow-up, but sometimes damn serious BOY from Bremen, Germany, that someday is going to be an elementary school teacher(hopefully).Only 3 years into comics, collects only in trade for numerous reasons. Founded Comic Book of the Month reading club on Facebook, had a german comic review blog, but stopped.

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    AvengersAssemble's Recent Comments
    May 24, 2011 12:13 pm There will always be morons complaining the most perfect of castings, please don't mind those idiots, Miss Jones. They were there when Patrick Stewart was cast as Professor X and probably even when Christopher Reeve was Superman... just ignore them and don't get depressive over some inappropriate diet/workout program.
    May 11, 2011 4:48 pm I'm one of the few guys that started reading comics(EVER, not counting some VERY few Disney) only a few years ago and what got me into it, were Supreme Power and Civil War... as an illegal CBR-Torrent! I was hooked and scans of older stories and reading them on the screen just sucked, so I started reading trades, buying them over amazon. There's gotta be about 5000Euro in my collection since then.

    I never thought about it, but point #3: The "3.99$ or 2.99$ for 22-pages doesn't make a difference for new possible readers it's all overpriced", that was exactly what I was thinking when I was younger and my best friend was reading Spawn. The price for the content was totally ridiculous to mee, maybe I would have read a superhero BOOK(as in no pictures), I loved Superheros, just not comics.

    Thinking about point #3... this really changes my view on "getting new readers". Maybe you FIRST have to HOOK them, before you get any money out of a new reader and if I were 16 and making close to no money, then I wouldn't start at all, even if they already almost managed to hook me - having money only for a FEW stories and not everything I like, that's not me. All I love or nothing <-which btw is why to me 2.99$ or 3.99$ doesn't really matter, they could bleed me dry, if the quality's right.
    April 22, 2011 12:58 pm Agree with @corpseed. Though the cancellation of Eisner nominee titles that ran long enough to calculate the number of waiting-for-the-trade guys has me worried a little.

    One thing they COULD do to balance monthly sales and tpb on-and-off'ers is to make every series limited from the start. And not like "it's a limited series...somewhat around 50-75 issues". I'm talking between 7 to 36 issues and an dogmatic rule/promise to keep that number. If a 10 issue mini-series turns out to be SUPER successfull, take a six month to two year break, and put out a SIMILAR vol.2 like Brubaker/Phillips do with Criminal. Had they done this, I would have started reading Air... just as an example.
    March 17, 2011 2:10 pm @TheNextChampion

    I also heard great things about it... constant IGN 9+ scores for every issue and so on and so on, but I absoluted HATED that book. It's not a superhero book, in fact apart from one little act in the first issue, there is nothing linking our protagonist to the superhero genre, which I didn't really expect, but that's not what made my opinion. If you do this in non-superhero and try to pull off a concentration camp story, then it better be accurate, which this isn't, what really pissed me off.
    I AM german and since this book I never had any problem with nazi portrayals in any genre, not in Indiana Jones, not in Schindler's List, not in The Pianist, not in Maus, not in To Be Or Not To Be, not in old Captain America, nowhere until this book.
    Check out the first issue before buying the trade, if you like it, I won't try to talk you out of it, but, really, I read this fuming with rage... never was given that feeling by a comic book before.
    March 11, 2011 2:04 pm @Conor haven't thought about that concert equivalent. Yeah you're probably right.
    It's more like a small club concert in a more private atmosphere with higher ticket prices, but good point.
    @j206 yap, and don't foget writing for video games these days.
    March 11, 2011 1:23 pm And I think tad is spot on with his "only apple is making money, bands earn their millions of dollars more through concerts now".
    There are no concerts in comics. Going digital completely, they'd have to reduce wages for their writers and artists.
    March 11, 2011 1:18 pm @Conor: You're right, but that's because so many got rid of their old record players to get CDs. Paperbacks have a slight advantage there. And... I mean... your 20 favorite novels, do you have them on your Kindle? You want them on your shelf!

    And with comics it's a lot more than 20, because a) we're addicts and b) a comic trade you read in 1-2 days, a book you read for 2-3 weeks.
    March 11, 2011 1:08 pm @ deadspace. I was taking Gaiman for a greedy douchebag for some years now, saw that interview a few months back.... brilliant!
    Now for me he's a greedy douchebag with perspective, balls & brains(business brains, story telling brains he always had).
    March 11, 2011 1:01 pm Dude, you really think even a handfull of guys that are pirating comics now would switch to paying for a digital "copy" if it were made available to them and in a cool way and easily?
    Dream on. Guys really feeling bad about pirating, they'd wait for the trade, if they couldn't get the indi-comic at their store or the digital copy on day one.
    You want your guys to stay true to comics, don't publish heartlass mass-produced unimaginative shit that guys will want to have... in PAPER form.

    It's like with vinyl records, it's something beautiful, something special, it's not just ones and zeros, it's evidence to the whole world that you truly love this piece of art and that, if asked about, you'd start this long Ode To Art monologue.
    Katie Perry and Lady Gaga aren't selling Vinyl(at least not a lot), but Radiohead, The Strokes, Holly Golightly... they DO sell Vinyl pretty successfully.