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    July 14, 2009 11:07 am

    I had a spotty collection of the issues because I got into it almost halfway into the run (from #9) but I managed to complete it slowly by hunting down the rest. Then I got the trades as well, along with a hardcover of the first volume. I was especially happy to later come across a bunch of old issues of Warrior that had the original b&w MM in a bargain bin at a local bookstore chain. (Which was nothing short of a, um, miracle, because I live in Manila, in the Philippines.)

    When I got to read the epic battle of London the first time, I was astounded and knocked over (and not for the first time) by one scene in particular that I felt was representative of the flavor of the entire book, more than the birthing sequence, more than the opening pages of #15 or the chilling closing spread of that same issue: when an increasingly desperate Miracleman lifted a car to throw at his nemesis, it was still full of passengers - "My apologists have claimed that the car I first hurled at Bates was empty, those who'd been inside having all previously escaped—I'm sorry, but that isn't true." - holy crap!

    MM #15 is one of the jewels of my collection, and one of my favorite issues of all time. I recommend you guys picking up George Khoury's The Miracleman Companion, which among many other wonderful things, puts together some of the existing material of #25.

    Thanks for doing the show guys! Fantastic!