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The Justice League of America are terrible at buying gifts for each other and nobody thinks to get a gift receipt either.

UPDATED: The CW Preps New ‘AMAZON’ Wonder Woman Drama, Now with 100% More Diana

Amazon Prime.

GREAT E-MAIL THREADS: The JLA Work on Thanksgiving

Somebody has to work on Thanksgiving. Which of the Justice League will step up and take on the duty?

iFlashback! November 19th, 2003

It was a big week for Superman nine years ago in comics. Come and check out what was on the stands at you local comic shop back in 2003.

Heads Up: DC Comics Previews – January 2013

New Year. New comics.

Weekly Sketch Up – 10.05.2012

2 Hellboys, a woman of wonder, and Bender.

Who Has The Best Villains in Comics?

Nerd fight… commence!

Heads Up: DC Comics Previews – December 2012

“They’re O.R. scrubs.” “Orion?” “That’s…not how it goes.”

Here We Go Again? The CW Reportedly Developing Wonder Woman TV Series Called ‘Amazon’

All the world is waiting for you… and waiting… and waiting…

Great Moments in Comics History: Sensation Comics #2

Damn dizzy dames…