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The Best of the Week in Panels – 10.05.2011

The best panels this week come from Stormwatch #2, Thunderbolts #164, O.M.A.C. #2, Action Comics #2, Moon Knight #6, Animal Man #2, The Walking Dead #89, Swamp Thing #2, Avengers: 1959 #1, & Penguin: Pride and Prejudice #1

Can Comics Be Everyday?

Even after all the successful movies, TV shows and a total relaunch, comics are still basically for geeks. What gives?

The Top 10 Geeky Halloween Costumes of 2011

Molly searched the very corners of the internet to bring you the best geeky costume options of 2011.

Heads Up: Image Comics Previews – December 2011

Start your holiday shopping with these fine selections from Image Comics for December

New ‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Promo

Shambling to your screens one clip at a time.

The Hollywood Reporter Says Frank Darabont Was Fired Off of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD

Has AMC’s latest clash with one of its high profile showrunners lead to Darabont’s exit?