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Coming Attractions: Marvel’s INFINITY Movie Pos…Oh, it’s a Comic


C2E2 2013: Charles Soule Rides The Lightning as the New Writer of THUNDERBOLTS

Just let your Soule glo! Just let it shine through! Just let your SOOOOOOULE GLO, baby!

Weekly Sketch Up – 04.12.2013

I wonder where a guy, an everyday Joe like myself, can find a little *art*!

Summer Blockbuster: Thanos Takes Marvel to INFINITY and Beyond

Courting death has never been more affordable.

iFlashback! December 3rd, 2003

Nine years ago we excitedly went to the comic book store and bought some books. These are just a handful of what was on the shelfs back in 2003!

iFlashback! October 1st, 2003

Some really fun comics came out nine years ago. Check out which comics were on the stands back in 2003!

Thanos Confirmed For Both ‘Marvel’s The Avengers 2’ and ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’, with Jim Starlin’s Seal of Approval

The Mad Titan kindly sends in his RSVP.

Weekly Sketch Up – 09.14.2012

Some ladies, some adventure, and some sweet Adam Strange.

Weekly Sketch Up – 08.03.2012

Sketches are pulled from far and wide, and then, they are put… up.

THANOS: SON OF TITAN by Joe Keatinge & Richard Elson Announced

Leaping from the comic books to the movie screen and now back to the comic books.