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Looking Ahead At DC’s Movie Slate – Summer 2013 Edition

What’s next?

Preview: STORMWATCH #21

“It is one of the mysteries of Lobo that not even we can fully fathom.”

Great Pages: OMEGA MEN #3

Lobo’s first appearance finds him with a slightly different outfit.

iFlashback! January 21, 2004

What a grand week this week in comics was! Adventure comics! Offensive Comics! Scary Comics! Funny Comics! All of them were released on this date nine years ago.

Exclusive Preview: DEATHSTROKE #12

Lobo vs. the Universe!

iFlashback! June 4th, 2003

iFlashback is BACK! Take a trip to 2003 and see who the Marvel “Architect” really was for that year!

Comic Book Casting: The LOBO Movie

There would need to be a lot of killing, just as a start.

Remake & Reboot: The Lobo Comic Series

It’s about time those bastiches brought him back.