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I’ve Got Voices In My Head

Listen up. Hear that? That’s the sound of comics being read aloud.

iFlashback! August 25th, 2004

Jump in our time machine and travel back to 2004. Check out the comics you were reading nine years ago!

iFlashback! November 5th, 2003

Take a moment, imagine it is November of 2003 and you are at your comic book shop. These are some of the comics you would see on the shelf!

Straczynski Signs On To Write ‘Shadowman’ Feature Film

New Orleans’ dark hero is in line for his own movie.

iFlashback! October 1st, 2003

Some really fun comics came out nine years ago. Check out which comics were on the stands back in 2003!

FanExpo 2012: J. Michael Straczynski & Eduardo Risso to Amaze and Astonish with BEFORE WATCHMEN: MOLOCH

One last trick up his sleeve.

iFlashback! August 6th, 2003

Check out the comics that came out nine years ago!

iFlashback! July 16th, 2003

Did you go to SDCC nine years ago? If you did you may have bought some of these comics there!

SDCC 2012: J. Michael Straczynski Announces ‘Studio JMS’ and the Return of the JOE’S COMICS Imprint

Man or empire?

iFlashback! April 23, 2003

Take nine comics, then subtract nine years then multiply by nostalgia. All that equals an iFlashback.