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I Am Iron Man…and So Are You!

Why is Iron Man as popular now as he’s ever been? Maybe it’s because he’s the perfect superhero to reflect who we are as a culture right now.

Movie Review: ‘Iron Man 3’ (Spoiler Free)

The Deconstruction of Tony Stark

‘Iron Man 3’

Put down that shawarma and strap on your metal suit–it’s time to fight The Mandarin!

VIDEO: Catch Up For ‘Iron Man 3’ in Three Minutes

Get ready for Iron Man 3!

Second Chances: Redemption and Iron Man

As the excitement for Iron Man 3 starts bubbling here in the States, Mike takes a step back (and perhaps a drink) and reflects on a few themes from the book that he’s never forgotten.

‘Iron Man 3’: What to Expect

We haven’t seen it, but why wait? It’s always fun to speculate.

It’s Hard Out Here For a Fanboy

It’s tough to be a comic book fan in a world where comics take a backseat to the very movies they inspire.

Ryan’s Response To Romo’s Movie Trepidation

Buck up, little Romo. Movies are fun!

Bracing For Another Superhero Movie Onslaught

And suddenly, we’re talking about way too many superhero/comic book movies coming to a theater near you. Mike is excited about a few — and curious to read what you’re excited about!

Kneel Before MTV Movie Awards Teasers for ‘Iron Man 3’ & ‘Man of Steel’

Have you seen my lost Kryptonian?