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R.I.P. Kim Thompson

He worked in comics for thirty years, and made an incredible impact.

iFlashback! March 24th, 2004

This time nine years ago you were probably on spring beak, reading comics and just enjoying life. Check out which comics you might have purchased back in 2004.

Comic Shots: Uncle Scrooge and Sam Adams Utopias

An expensive beer, paired with a character that could afford it.

Heads Up: Indie Comics Previews – August 2012

From time to time, a man gets tired.

Comic Shots: CRUISIN’ WITH THE HOUND and American Lager

A slightly slanted take on retro America and retro American beer.

Heads Up: Indie Comics Previews – June 2012

Sam’s filled with ennui towards comics this month, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t worthy pre-order candidates from EC, Alan Moore, Rick Geary, and others.

Heads Up: Indie Comics Previews – May 2012

The names associated with this month’s pre-order picks: Bernie Wrightson, Steve Niles, David Mazzucchelli, David Lapham, Eddie Campbell…

Comic Shots: THE ARCTIC MARAUDER and The Giant Sized Rye Toddy

Each week, the iFanboy “Comic Shots” staff passes along a tasty drink recipe and an even tastier comic book recommendation….

Comic Shots: THE CABBIE and Unibroue’s Noire de Chambly

Your first beer Comic Shots? Marti’s fabulously weird Dick Tracy-in-a-funhouse-mirror series THE CABBIE and Unibroue’s Noire de Chambly.

Heads Up: Indie Comics Previews – December 2011

The indie comics coming down the line in this month’s Previews include cartoons Flannery O’Connor, a new Kramers Ergot, and early Jack Kirby romance comics.