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Remake & Reboot: THE SPECTRE Comic Series

Can DC find a way to resurrect the Ghostly Gaurdian and keep him alive?

DC Histories: Ray Palmer (Atom II)

Ray’s had a tough few years.


Criss Angel (Mind Freak) evaluates Zatanna on being a stage magician.

New Comics for 03.14.2012 would like this cough to go away

You like new comics. We like new comics. Let’s hug and intermingle our germs.

The iFanboy Letter Column – 03.09.2012

Arnold Rothstein introduces a behind the scenes look at how the podcast comes together, artistic shuffling, & New Warriors!

Thieves to Steal Nicolas Cage’s Prized Possession in New Lionsgate Film ‘Action No. 1′

The loss of a National Treasure.

Exclusive Preview: LEGION LOST #7

Tellus all about it.

Great Moments in Comics History: Detective Comics #526

What about a third option? Is there a third option?

DC Histories: Night Force

Baron Winters and his Night Force return to comics today. Who? Find out here!

New Comics for 03.07.2012 will always love LOONEY TUNES best

You like new comics. We like new comics. Let’s go to Albuquerque.