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iFlashback! July 2nd, 2003

An eclectic mix of books came out nine years ago. Some Excellent. Others Controversial! Find out which specific comics I am referring!

Heads Up: Image Comics Previews – September 2012

C’mon. Get Happy.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 06.06.2012

David Copperfield gets all the great women.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 05.30.2012

Think happy thoughts.

Heads Up: DC Comics Previews – August 2012

What does DC Comics have in store for August 2012?

iFlashback! May 7th, 2003

Memory is subjective, then the internet came a long to help us out. Check out these memories of comics that were on the stands on May 7th, 2003.

Heads Up: Indie Comics Previews – April 2012

IDW is the star of this month’s selection of indie titles for pre-order, thanks to a pair of comics history books and a new Parker installment from Darwyn Cooke.

You Know Who’d Be Really Good on That Book?

After realizing that Frank Quitely must do a Star Wars book, Mike thinks about other creators who could revitalize a few books…

DC Announces ‘Before Watchmen’ (UPDATE)

Hrmm. UPDATED with comments from Moore & Gibbons.


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