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10 Thrift Store Friendly Comic Book Halloween Costume Ideas

Not sure what to be for Halloween? Not to fear, your friendly neighborhood thrifty cosplayer is here!

Interview: The Infamous Deadpool Cosplayer

Deadpool is a funny dude.

PAX Prime 2012: In Photos

Molly went to to PAX. Molly took pictures. See Molly PAX!

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Molly delivers her epic yearly San Diego Comic-con photo dump!

How to Take a Good Cosplay Photograph

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Sakura-con 2012 in PHOTOGRAPHS!

Molly went to Sakura-con, a huge Pacific Northwest anime con, and took a LOT of photos.

Emerald City Comicon 2012 in Photographs!

Molly took a lot of photos at ECCC 2012. Go look at them.

Things To Love About Comics Right Now

Don’t wind up an old cranky wizard in the woods.

iFanboy’s Best of 2011: The Best Comics Cosplay

Molly shares her favourite comics cosplay of 2011.

DC Histories: The Ray

The Ray is back on comic racks today! But didn’t he used to have a fin on his head? Read his DC History to find out! (Spoiler: He totally had a fin.)