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Story by Jason Aaron
Art & Cover by Daniel Acuna

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. I don’t know why the art shows a rating of 1 when I am quite sure I gave it a 4. I don’t see any way to edit my review in this new format.

  2. Jason Aaron loves the X-Men. He is definitely not uninspired by this story. It just might not be the story for you.

    • I’m not the only one who found the sociopathic children to be problematic. See the review by “Heysideburns.”

    • No one said you were the only one.

    • Just because he loves the X-Men doesn’t mean his story isn’t uninspired. I love the X-Men too but I don’t really have an inspired idea for an X-Men story. I usually like Aaron, btw, so I’m not just out to diss him.

    • @froggulper: I’ve talked to Jason Aaron about this story. He wasn’t assigned it against his will. He’s not uninspired by it. You are free to feel uninspired by it yourself, of course.

    • Though you are right Conner, I actually enjoy what Aaron is doing here but its not without its flaws. However do you really think that ANY writer you talk with is going to say hey this book sucks and I hated working on it? They’re job is to push the book no different than a celeb on the tonight show talking about there latest movie.

    • @lukepher: Yes, they would and they have. In private and off the record, of course.

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