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Yeah, I read comics too. 

I submit for your approval Justice Society of America #21, the one book you need if you want to learn how to write great comics dialogue. 

When your character falls over, he ought to say “Nnf!”

When your unsettling lookin’ demigod taketh away Damage’s pretty new face, he ought to say, “Grant Emerson….HIDEOUS AGAIN!”

And when KC Masterpiece Superman deflects a bolt of Kool-Aid pink electricity with his fist, Mr. Terrific better as hell exclaim, “Did you just punch a bolt of lightning?”

Pretty great, right?  You may think it’s okay to move on.   But then you’re not Geoff Johns. 

KC Masterpiece Supes ought to confirm that, “Yes.”  Yes, he did just punch a bolt of lightning. 

Class dismissed. 

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. "KC Masterpiece Supes" fantastic!

  2. Love it.

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