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Story by Kel Symons
Art by Mark A. Robinson

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

New artist, final issue. It says a lot about a book with a lot of potential but little to deliver.

Once again, our protagonist Felicia delivered the best performance, leaving everyone else floundering in her wake, and our writer left more story lines were started than finished.

With an unresolved conspiracy assassin tale jammed into the last five issues, I Love Trouble forsook its intriguing beginnings for a cliche plot line that was at once vague and overcomplicated. Its triteness was never so obvious as when Felicia was given a literal monkey on her back in issue #3. A poor decision that over-explicated a brilliantly complex character.

Ultimately the series was a story of a troubled but capable girl who was taken advantage of, and doubly so when she discovered her powers of teleportation. Her strong character prevailed in the end, and though she continued to disappoint those closest to her, she rose above the worst.

It’s a shame that Robinson did not illustrate this issue, and a shame that Stockman won’t be illustrating any more issues. Stockman’s art had much of the same charisma as Robinson’s, but one issue doesn’t leave much material to appreciate.

Overall, neither issue #6 or the series as a whole gave us much but a great protagonist in a bland world, and art that ranged from underwhelming to transcendent.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. My arabic isn’t very good, but the title probably says “I Love Problems”

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