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  1. I thought the scene where he couldn’t see Mya was really heartbreaking.  All I could think was how bad it was that he couldn’t even be with the one he loved.  My guess whatever Fear hit him with agitates her stuff, which is why she keeps regressing.  It’s like he never can see or touch her again.

    I liked this issue, but was not a fan of the art.  It was so in places, but Matt’s stuble looked like acne and the hair on everyone was really messed up.

    You’re right though, pol, this issue was pretty fun in looking at the tragedy with a different perspective.

  2. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    There was an odd, modeled look about the art.  It almost looked like woodcut prints, especially in the faces and hair.  Foggy in particular looked like a ventriloquist’s dummy.  

  3. @ pol- Ha!  A ventriliquist’s dummy.  That’s wonderful.  I think you described it perfectly though.  It does look like woodcut prints…just not Rembrandt type woodcut prints.  I think someone mentioned on the forum that this was the same guy drawing BRPD: 1942.  His style seems kind of weird for a superhero book.

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