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Variant cover by AMY REEDER

Size: 32 pages
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Batwoman is one of those books that a comic reader just can’t wait for and not even really for the story but for the art and thats whats had me back reading the same issue over and over the week I buy it. When i opened this issue I was slightly disappointed to see that we had a guest artist. It was bound to happen sometime but man I just love the art, lets hope its not too bad. Well I’m very happy to say that I wasn’t just pleasantly surprised I was astounded at how well the art was. I had never heard the name Amy Reeder but now I’m ashamed of my ignorance because while it wasn’t exactly at the normal quality the book had some very strong splash pages, one in particular made me sit back and say “wow”.

Now all of that said I have to sadly be the overly critical jackass I am and mention that the story is told in vignettes…this is something I never like in comics. Well let me elaborate, its ok sometimes but not when it jumps around in time. This to me is unneeded and creates a lull in the normally stellar presentation. Though I have to give big propps to the “Jacobs Story” and “Maggie’s Story” for just brilliant character development (also a honorary mention to Kate’s story which also bare’s mention). Yet really all of that can be chalked up to personal taste. The only real issue with this book is that its a “set-up” issue that teases some amazing things to come but I can’t give it the praise I can heap on previous issues.

In Short: The fill-in artist is amazing and the character development is great but the overall story isn’t particularly moved along like it is in previous issues.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. You’ve perfectly summed up how I felt about this. I thought the art was fantastic but the vignette style approach kept this book from gaining any momentum for me. I wanted to latch on to a thread for more than four pages. Instead I just felt like it was stalling for the next issue.

    • Thanks for the comment and yea I would have killed for a purely maggie centric story here maybe with the vignette setting up the villians but there just wasn’t enough consistency

      but that said I REALLY wanna know more Amy Reeder stuff cause the art blew me away, not as good as normal but nothing is as good as the normal art in this book. Does anyone know if she’s staying on for the arc or is it just one or two issues?

    • @DescendantDroog: The first ten issues of Madame Xanadu are stunning, if you’re looking for more of Amy Reeder’s work. Very rich and detailed. Parts of the story takes place in Paris and London, so there are plenty of opportunities for finely detailed backgrounds.

  2. I’m surprised to discover there are readers who have never heard of Amy Reeder. She really isn’t an unknown, having gotten her start in manga and really established herself with Fool’s Gold and Madame Xanadu.

    FYI … she hasn’t been billed as a “guest” artist on this book. To the best of my knowledge, she has been billed as one of two main artists (alongside J.H. Williams) since the ongoing was announced a year or so ago … two years ago?

  3. WOO my first week of doing Comic Reviews ever and one gets on the podcast, that may mean nothing but hell it made my day

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