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Story by Garth Ennis
Art by Carlos Ezquerra
Cover by Garry Leach

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

As a reader of Fury MAX, I’m fully aware of Garth Ennis’ ability to write a compelling war story, but what struck me as a first time reader of of Garth Ennis’ Battlefield series, was how well he is able to tell a human story.
On the surface, Battlefields: The Green Fields Beyond’s main character, Sergeant Stiles, is faced with an external struggle – keeping his men safe during the Korean War. It’s what lies beneath, Sgt. Stiles internal conflict of living up to his new recruit’s expectations, that pulled me in.
The opening page description acts as a ‘drop zone’ for the reader before plunging them head first into this brilliant exercise of veteran writing by Ennis. Every character has a purpose and they feel real, right down to their accents.
Of course, the level of realism couldn’t be fully achieved without the art by Carlos Ezguerra. His detailed style fits perfectly with Ennis’ storytelling to a T.
I really enjoyed this and I look forward to going back and grabbing the previous adventures in trade.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Man, Fury Max is your FIRST Ennis war story? You have been missing out, friend!

    May I recommend Battler Britton.

    Here lies the problem with Ennis: Too many comic fans only think of Preacher, Punisher and/or the Pro and think everything Ennis does is sarcastic, cynical, raunchy and all black humor.

    Back to Brooklyn is a strait-forward crime story. Streets of Glory is a pretty decent western/cowboy book (though not one of Ennis’ best works I would say). His re-vamp of The Shadow does it great justice and remains firmly in the pulp crime world.

    Some of the best war comics comes from Ennis. Well… really, if you think about it, who else is even doing war comics anyway?

  2. Thanks for the recommended reading list!

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