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  1. Wow, you must be smarter then Albert Einstein!!  I was lost after the third paragraph!!  I probably wouldn’t even understand all this New Gods shit if I took a four month long college course about it.  It’s just too damn confusing for us average minded folks.

  2. This review is almost as good as the issue!

  3. Totally agree with you on everything, especially your last paragraph. Morrison’s Batman has made every other superhero comic seem so simplistic to me. He’s a dozen levels beyond anyone else. (That doesn’t mean his stuff is automatically "better", but it just contains so much more meaning.)

    Great annotations, too. I used to write long reviews of Morrison’s Bat-stuff a few years ago for another site, but it kinda got to be overwhelming after I did it for a while. It’s enough just to keep track of this stuff for YOUR OWN reading, but to have to explain every detail to other people–you deserve a medal.

  4. Wonderful explanation. And very accessible I might add. I agree 100% with every theory and opinion you offer here. We are few and far between, but it’s exciting to know there are others out there who dedicate the time and analysis neccessary to understanding Morrison’s recent DC work. The man has literally built his own DCU reaching all the way back to JLA, and it is beautifully complex. 

  5. Here’s what’s killing me, everybody keeps talking about how amazing this is (although there are just as many people saying it doesn’t make any sense at all) and I don’t feel that it was the perfect climax everyone seems to think it was.  There were a lot of great concepts and I thought characterization (aside from maybe Hal and Booster) was spot on (I really loved the stuff with Tim).  But the whole hyper-adapter/ Dr. Hurt/ hyperflora/ hole in things just was too complicated.  I don’t even know if those were all the same thing or not.  And yet the story is being hailed as the most amazing story ever.  I think if it was truly so amazing I wouldn’t be left with all these questions.  Or at least I should feel more resolution.  I realize Morrison still has story left, but I don’t think with was an appropriate climax to this story.

  6. Great review, really enjoyed reading it! I love the deeper meaning of the symbols in the story, it’s almost like passages from the bible, who also should be read looking for the deeper meaning. 5 stars for this issue!

  7. @buck2889: The hyper-adapter/hyperfauna/squid monster/Barbatos/cave-bat/giant bat that startled Dick in the tunnels/the bat that flew into the window in Year One are all one in the same. Dr. Hurt/Thomas Wayne/El Penitente was infected by in through contact in 1640 when he summoned "Barbatos". Darkseid was trying to incarnate through Hurt. Also Hurt was neccessary to conflict with Bruce because everything requires an opposite. Morrison literally folded Batman’s entire history over itself to give it an even deeper mythology.

    So you did get it. Maybe you just didn’t know you got it. Morrison actually wrapped it up pretty tightly. The threads left dangling are rather inconsequential.

  8. Wow, great review Desaad.  Thanks for spelling it all out so clearly.  Wildly great issue, and your review really added to my enjoyment of it.

  9. Awesome review and annotations, ROBW has been so much fun while representing the essence of Batman, who has reached BatGod status in my family. I find myself relating to the Magiani.

  10. You shouldn’t need pages of explaination to understand a comic.

  11. You don’t. Nobody gave me pages of explanation to understand this comic. It simply took pages to explain and describe directly what was going on here.

    Surely you’re not objecting to the fact that a lot was going on?

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