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Talksplode #49 – Ron Marz, writer of ‘Witchblade’, ‘Artifacts’, ‘Shinku’ & More

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Ron Marz has written a lot of comics. Starting out at Marvel, his first work was on a Silver Surfer Annual. Eventually he moved on to DC to create Kyle Rayner, an all new Green Lantern. While on that run, he had to deal with controversy, including fans angry about replacing Hal Jordan (or H.E.A.T. as some were known), as well as the more serious charges of violence against women being depicted in comics by the famous “Women in Refrigerators” protest, as started by Gail Simone.

Later, Ron moved down to Florida to take place in the Crossgen Comics experiment, which was a whole new way of making comics. We talk in detail about what that was like, and all the really different ways comics could be made in an office setting.

More recently he moved to Top Cow, where he’s just completed a 70 issue run on Witchblade concluding in issue #150, out now. He still has Magdalena and Artifacts going strong, as well as Shinku, coming out from Image Comics. We talk about going from big 2 comics to working on creator owned projects later in his career instead of the beginning, as is often done now.

Finally, we chat about Ron’s scripting process, and his use of layouts instead of a full script format, finishing with a bit of behind the scenes process talk.

Running Time: 00:01:28:37

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  1. So i guess Conor is just going to fast-forward all the parts about Kyle Raynor, right?

  2. Nice Episode. I enjoyed it.

  3. Terrific interview, Josh! The Crossgen stuff was particularly interesting. I am normally more used to Waid’s more vitriolic take on the company so it was really interesting to hear about it from the point of view of someone for whom its setup was ideally suited.

  4. With about 30 minutes to go, I’m really digging this episode. I never read much of Marz’s GL stuff, but I was crazy about Crossgen, got into Witchblade because of Marz (and have read all of his issues), and am enjoying Shinku (wish it would come out on a regular schedule, though). [Sidenote: everyone should give his run on Wtichblade a shot.] Josh asks some very good questions and Marz tells it like it is. As he said in the interview, he could do a whole show on Crossgen, so give Mark Waid and some of the other former Crossgen guys a call and make a roundtable discussion out of it.

  5. DC can suck it for Voo Doo . I loved what Ron Marz was doing with that book.

  6. Best Talksplode every. A wide variety of interesting topics, covered in depth and talked about honestly.

    The Cross Gen stuff was fascinating. All new to me. Thank you Josh.

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