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Talksplode #29 with Andy Schmidt of 5 Days to Die, IDW, and Comics Experience

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Running Time: 01:35:28

Andy Schmidt is here again!  The senior editor from IDW is still at the helm of GI Joe, Transformers and other books, but he's also the writer of a new 5 issue series called 5 Days to Die, coming out weekly in September.  Andy also teaches folks how to make comics like professionals do with Comics Experience.  They've got a huge slate of star studded panels planned for San Diego Comic-Con.  Plus, we're answering your questions!  It's a giant show, and there's plenty to talk about, so dig in.

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  1. cahubble09 cahubble09 says:

    WHEW! Now that is what I call a Talksplode! Great interview! Love hearing about the inner workings of the comic book industry.

  2. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Always love hearing from Andy Schmidt.  Hopefully he doesn’t lose a lung so we can hear another interview with him.

  3. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Well, Andy sold me on 5 DAYS TO DIE. I just ordered it through DCBS. It’s nice that I’ll be able to sit down and read the entire story when my shipment gets to me.

  4. mickmac59 mickmac59 says:

    Great stuff – Schmidt has both the experience & the ability to share it, which is not always a given. And a very good job by you, Josh – it can’t have been easy not knowing if your interviewee was going to make it to the end of the interview! ;) Also, the first time my name has been mentioned on air – colour me lame but that was very cool.

  5. AMuldowney AMuldowney says:

    Great, great show, gentlemen.  Thanks for doing this.

  6. stuclach stuclach says:

    @josh – Thank you very much for using my question.

    @Mr. Schmidt – Thank you very much for the interesting answer.

    Josh has helped me realize that my username is essentially unpronounceable.  Should I change it? 

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