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Special Edition Podcast – Avengers: Age of Ultron

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As the Avengers assemble again so must the original iFanboys! Ron Richards joins Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan to discuss the latest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe–Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Running Time: 00:43:00

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  1. Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

    Everyone should feel free to discuss the movie in the comments below and be warned that SPOILERS ARE WELCOME!

  2. MisterKyleW MisterKyleW says:

    This discussion did a great job of articulating what I loved (the actors and character interactions, in particular) and what problems I had with the movie (especially the ‘Buffy-speak’). Always enjoy when you three get back together!

    I found it interesting that the Vision’s origin utilized an Infinity stone, and coupled with the fact that he is born from a stasis chamber that reminded me a lot of Adam Warlock’s cocoon, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the two characters. I’m wondering if he’ll play a role similar to Adam in the Infinity War movies. And I agree with you guys: he’s definitely the breakout star of this film. The moment he picks up the hammer got the most audible response from the audience I watched the movie with last night. Exceptionally casted.

    I’ll give it a 4/5 stars, personally, where I probably gave the first Avengers movie a 4.5 or 5 stars.

  3. spawn spawn says:

    Man, I’ve been listening to this show since 2010, I never comment, but I’m a loyal fan of the podcast, and there’s something really awesome and nostalgic about hearing the three of you go off on a tangent about cinemas.

    As for the movie, I thought it was…well I enjoyed it, but there’s only so much of seeing superheroes dismantling faceless armies one can watch before becoming bored.

    …Ultron was awesome.

    • Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

      Thanks! We certainly had a lot of fun recording it today.

    • J-Nel J-Nel says:

      I’ve been thinking for, well… only like 2 hours, trying to figure out why I liked this AoA so much but would still rank the original just one notch above “Iron Man 2″ as my least favorite of the MCU films, but one smaller thing I keep going back to is how I wholeheartedly bought into a massive army of nondescript CGI thugs when they were robots but didn’t when it was aliens…

  4. I thought James Spader did an excellent job on this. Never thought Ultron to have such personality but it makes sense in the movie. The only thing i really hate and did not understand about the movie was Thor’s vision in that well thingy. What was that all about? Also I am usually okay that the movie counterparts should look similar to what they look like in the comics but when Vision conjured up that cape i thought to myself, why would he need a cape? Maybe if Vision came out of that chamber with a cape already attached to him then I’d reason out that Ultron because of his insecurities wanted to be like a god (just like Thor) hence the addition of the cape. Overall still enjoyable. The action scenes were great and i actually liked this film better than the first one.

    • Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

      “The only thing i really hate and did not understand about the movie was Thor’s vision in that well thingy. What was that all about?”

      Yeah, that whole sequence suffered from a specific scene being cut out. (As I was told from someone who saw a cut of the film before it was final which had the scene in it.)

      “Also I am usually okay that the movie counterparts should look similar to what they look like in the comics but when Vision conjured up that cape i thought to myself, why would he need a cape?”

      He checked out Thor and he liked the look of it. It was a funny bit, I thought.

    • ok I think I missed that bit (Vision scoping out Thor’s cape). thanks Connor. You know I was hoping Hulk would say a few words while he was moping in the Quinjet when he left the team. Still hoping for the Intelligent Hulk movie in the near future.

    • J-Nel J-Nel says:

      I thought the cape thing was great, but I think it’s because it’s the exact same moment as when Martian Manhunter models himself after Superman in “The New Frontier” animated movie (or maybe it was JLU, either way, I loved the moment)…

      As for the reunion of the ifanboy trio, I think may have enjoyed it just as much as movie. Great show, guys!!

  5. JFernandes JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Re: Thor’s vision – I THINK he was seeing Valhalla.

  6. IronyJohn says:

    Josh really has to give Peggy Carter 3 episodes it’s hands down one of the best written comic book tv adaptations.
    There’s an Automat in it! Great attention to period detail.
    Strong character.

    That stupid show that no one is watching is doing better than Flash and almost doubling Arrow.
    Last week- “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.(9-10:01PM) 1.5/5 4.57mil”
    But I agree there absolutely needed to be some kind of Agents cameo or easter egg.

    • BC1 BC1 says:

      Dr. List, the man talking to Strucker, was set up in AoS over the last two weeks. Also, and I haven’t seen a preview for next week yet, but when Fury says “I had some old friends help me get this out of mothballs,” I wondered if those are Coulson and his crew.

  7. webhead921 webhead921 (@Grapes4Lunch) says:

    Great podcast guys! This movie was pretty much what I expected. At this point, you’re either on board with the Marvel cinematic universe movies or not. You pretty much know what you’re going to get walking in. I enjoyed the film overall, but liked it less than the first Avengers or Winter Soldier. The first Avengers movie felt very focused, and I actually liked that a good chunk of the movie was them hanging out in the helicarrier. We got to spend time with the characters, and when we got to the big alien invasion at the end, it felt earned. This movie had a few too many action scenes. I could have done without the opening fight and the Hulk vs Iron Man battle. I would have gladly traded an action scene or two for some more scenes of Vision interacting with the Avengers before the final battle. Still, I had a good time, and it was well worth the $8 ticket price.

  8. fox22 fox22 says:

    I liked the movie and loved the Vision.

    Was all the attention to keeping civilians safe a giant slam against “Man of Steel’? I did not see “Man of Steel” but I remember tons of talk about collateral damage.

  9. Cooper Cooper says:

    My favourite scene in the movie was the party scene – it’s fun just to watch these characters hang out for a bit and bounce off one another.

    I got the same feeling listening to this podcast and hearing the original iFanboys together again. Great show guys!

  10. I didn’t like the opening of the movie because it looked weirdly shot and the special effects looked so fake but as soon as the party scene hit I fell in love with movie from there on.Strange opening but loved the hell out of it.I gotta watch it again.

  11. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    My response to the film was very similar to Ron’s. Thor’s B-plot making no sense, where were the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., etc. But my strongest reaction was during the big climactic battle scene. The heroes were surrounded, back-to-back with each other, the film switched to a little slow-mo, and I had goddamn tears in my eyes. Maybe it was how long the film spent with the heroes dealing with saving civilians, maybe it was lack of sleep, or having a bit of relief from my various life stresses but seeing the camera moving around the heroes as they battled the various Ultrons made me cry.

    I’d rate the whole thing a B+ but that moment? Damn. It blew me away. And I know it wasn’t all that different to a scene from the first Avengers film. But this one got to me.

  12. IronyJohn says:

    The interior is clever but then the seats let it down- all that white. A contrasting seat color really would have pulled it together.

  13. Mush3000 Mush3000 says:

    It was a bit too much robot hitting robot for me. We can’t help but compare all Marvel things so when you think about how engaging Daredevil was from a human point of view it made AoU difficult to watch. I was bored during the action scenes and only slightly more interested in the character interaction moments. I give it a 2!

  14. Ilash Ilash says:

    I really liked the movie, personally. I had some reservations but oddly they’re the opposite to your guys’ problems. I liked the jokes a lot, I really loved the Hawkeye stuff (even if he is different from his comics counterpart) and had no problem with not knowing what Thor saw. My biggest problem really was that the final act had just too much action and I would have preferred a bit more character stuff and a further exploration of the themes Whedon introduced. The sky-bound world-threat has really started to feel way too familiar to me too.

    It’s not quite my favourite of the Marvel movies, basically, but it is up there.

    You can check out my full review (no spoilers) at http://ilanpreskovsky.blogspot.com/2015/04/avengers-age-of-ultron.html if you feel like it.

    Either way, great show, guys. And it’s wonderful to have Ron back for the podcast once again.

  15. IronyJohn says:

    When you look at Ultron head on like that he looks like a robot chipmunk.

  16. Would anyone mind describing what happened in the mid-credit sequence? For reasons I won’t go into my showing was stopped early in the credits. I saw a bit of the marble statue (?) stuff in the credits, but that’s all.

    I only really got into the film in the final act. The stuff with the twins got to me. I also enjoyed the conversation between the Vision and Ultron concerning humanity. Not everything beautiful is meant to last forever and all that jazz. I also mostly enjoyed the robot-bashing at the end (why, I’m not exactly sure). Much more than with the Chitauri.

    Now to fold some clothes and listen to this podcast. Thanks in advance if someone can tell me about the credits.

    • BC1 BC1 says:

      Thanos reaches into…something..,containing the Infinity Gauntlet and says “Well, guess I’ll have to do this myself.” Then he lifts his now-gauntletted hand and shows the back of it and the spaces for the gems.

  17. randall4000 randall4000 says:

    Great hearing you fellers together again. Thanks!

  18. thevision thevision says:

    The 3 of you have a unique chemistry that simply works. Do these movie reviews with a sponsor – not for us – for the civilians, in a more mass market brand. You provide film reviews utilizing comic book POV and can educate the audience while being your entertaining selves. We all, of course, would show up so you have us as leverage when attracting a sponsor.

  19. Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

    Saw it again on Friday and had even more fun the second time. The problems I had the first time were still there but overall the experience was more enjoyable.

    It was also interesting seeing it with a non-screening audience. A lot more kids and families. The collective gasp when The Vision picked up the hammer was pretty great. Also, the reaction to Quicksilver dying was pretty amazing. Good crowd.

  20. kc_amaral says:

    Conor, you’re usually my voice during the podcasts, so thank you for articulating my opinions 99% of the time. This special edition is no different…BUT, I have to disagree with you on Quicksilver. For me, DoFP Quicksilver was nothing more than a vehicle for a special effect. It was a great scene, which I loved, but the overstatements made by the fandom have since turned me into a harsher critic of that version of Quicksilver.

    Even though he had minimal screen time, I felt the ATJ Quicksilver was much more of a character, and a much truer adaptation. For me, Quicksilver is hot-tempered, arrogant, and annoyed by most people. I felt as if the DoFP version was much less that and much more the precocious and playful type. It’s fair, but not QS for me.

    The “Time in a Bottle” sequence also served to undermine the entire film by making Quicksilver so immensely overpowered that nothing could be done with him after that point. Count me in the AoU camp.

  21. mikegraham6 mikegraham6 says:

    The best part of Age of Ultron was that we got an original iFanboy reunion for the podcast! Great to have you back Ron!

  22. Cagnazzo Cagnazzo says:

    I liked the movie, but the beginning of the movie (pre-credits) felt like it was shot by a different director/cinematographer. So odd and somewhat clunky. Then the movie really takes off.

    There were a lot of issues in this movie though. Most of them writing related however, because the actors as usual did a fantastic job of attempting to sell what they were given to work with.

    Also, another thing… Age of Ultron? Hm, I wonder about that title. It seemed more like a couple days/weeks of Ultron rather than an actual ‘age’ kicking off. I realize it’s (loosely) a reference to an actual comic series, but in the comics there was time-traveling involved if I recall, and there was actually an age of ultron that took place similar to the age of apocalypse where all the world’s heroes have to fight back against an Ultron that’s overtaken the world.

    I hope Civil War at least does a better job of selling the fact that the heroes are fighting each other (as the title implies)… and/or answering at least for all the damage they’ve done throughout this movie.

    But yeah… looking forward to the Director’s Cut of Age of Ultron, because I want to see this movie as it was meant to be released at 3 hours running. It’s a really good movie, but I feel it would have been possible to reach excellent or epic proportions if there were more time to flesh out plot-lines in the movie.

    • Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

      “Also, another thing… Age of Ultron? Hm, I wonder about that title. It seemed more like a couple days/weeks of Ultron rather than an actual ‘age’ kicking off. I realize it’s (loosely) a reference to an actual comic series, but in the comics there was time-traveling involved if I recall, and there was actually an age of ultron that took place similar to the age of apocalypse where all the world’s heroes have to fight back against an Ultron that’s overtaken the world.”

      The only way that the title really ties into the storyline is that Tony wanted to bring about an Age of Ultron (i.e. he wanted to make the word safe via his Ultron creation.)

  23. shinkazama shinkazama says:

    You guys really need to get the band back together, I don’t care what Ron thinks………………….

    • IronyJohn says:

      Well Ron doesn’t have a conflict of interest anymore but he was quoted as saying that “doing a comic book podcast that ship has sailed”
      Maybe he has changed that tune now.

  24. PymSlap PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Thank you. I enjoyed listening to my ear buds. Let’s do it again for Inhumans.

  25. PymSlap PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Here’s a funny review of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” from The Onion.

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