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Pick of the Week #561 – The Avengers #1.1

Show Notes

The sun rises again and we picked ourselves up and, once again, found solace and escapism in the comic books that we love. Josh Flanagan found the right comic book at the right time and Ron Richards is more than happy to talk about it as he works to achieve full Jamoke status. Also, we explore Jack Kirby’s secret fetish…

Running Time: 01:06:54

Pick of the Week:
00:02:16 – The Avengers #1.1

00:13:10 – Invincible Iron Man #1
00:18:03 – Green Valley #2
00:21:19 – Power Man and Iron Fist #10
00:29:42 – Detective Comics #944
00:32:38 – Mother Panic #1
00:35:38 – Doom Patrol #3
00:37:08 – The Flash #10

Patrons’ Choice:
00:39:00 – Violent Love #1

Patron Thanks:
00:45:19 – Christopher Miller
00:47:03 – Chris Cox
00:48:47 – Jimmy So
00:49:35 – Brad Hunziker

Audience Questions:
00:52:27 – Greg B. from Oakland, CA is trying to wrap his head around the Inhumans.
00:58:39 – Jeremy from San Antonio, TX wonders if double shipping is actually better for the comics workforce.

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  1. I totally agree about Alex Wilder’s villain change being dumb. As great as that series was, it just felt tremendously unearned. SO every time he shows up afterwards, there is an assumption that somehow he’s going to say he was really good all along.

  2. I’ve been trying to follow along with the Inhumans, to some extent, but the thing that I find missing is a sense of purpose.

    While the X-men RARELY did anything related to their purpose, you could still explain what their overall mission was in one quick sentence. And when the train went off the rails, they could always start a new series and re-state their mission statement (As they did with Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men Number 1, for instance.)

    The modern Inhumans seem like they are just a bunch of random people who live together. It’s season 1 of The Real World.

  3. I love Detective Comics!

    • Me too!

    • I loving Detective Comics as well!

    • Also love Detective Comics. A Batman team book feels like it’s filling a very specific niche in the Gotham line, rather than just being another Batman book. I feel like Tynion has a much better handling on writing younger characters and team dynamics than many writers these days, and Barrows and Martinez are doing some great work. Other than the Monsters crossover, this has been one of my favorite books from new DC.

  4. Great pick of the week, I was also surprised to see this appear – but what a nice surprise. I tweeted the Mike Del Mundo error to ComiXology Support last Wednesday or something and they said they’d look into it, but no change as of this typing. Avengers 1.1. should strictly have been #16.1 but there you do, gotta have a #1! And yes, a Waid/Kitson run could be splendid.

    Maybe Wanda’/ headpiece is a hex sphere that got stuck?

  5. Oh, I was hoping hoping hoping you would talk about WW #10. The Nicola Scott art is so damn good – some of the panels are great comic booking (to loosely quote you all to yourselves).

    Mother Panic is really fresh – very original work on her look, which really makes me want to stick with it.

    You’ve talked me into giving A. 1.1 a try. I admit I’m of the school where comic numbering with a digital addition to it gives me hard eye rolls.

    I think the Scarlet Witch’s headpiece was (originally) a riff on Magneto’s helmet crossed with a tiara. What it evolved into was cool – and certainly distinctive – but its original iteration looked a lot like she got her face stuck in a bolt of fabric and they just cut a circle around it so she could breathe and talk.

  6. Avengers 1.1 is def Not the have your cake and eat it too.
    It’s the- On Some level we at Marvel know we are fuc*ing most of our fans So– here’s a bone.
    Or maybe it’s Waid saying I am tired of this shit- let’s get back to a core in order to move forward.

    Iron Man #1 was undone by how on the nose it was. And the Art and writing emphasis of “Step Father” right before he is killed in a drive by shooting in what- North Dakota? was just…
    Riri’s armor looks like Gordon’s Batbunny suit.

    “Louie Goozmun” – classic
    Felipe wan-tahn-ahbee as opposed to Felipe Wah-ta-nahbee
    What is going on in the Long Island school systems?

  7. Also- Ron makes an excellent point about the Inhumans.

  8. Love Detective Comics. Probably my favorite DC title. I’ve enjoyed the art and the stories since the beginning of the Rebirth era. I only wish they would have an issue or two centered around clayface. I feel it was super cool having him on the time. But since then I feel he’s been under utilized. But I get a giddy childish joy every time I head to my LCS and it’s in my pickups.

  9. Ron. I say this out of love (and as a 44-year-old man) but you are old and have my old guy memory problems. Not only did you know that Waid & Kitson were doing Avengers 1.1, but you were excited about it and compared it to JLA Year One. (Episode 544, 54 minutes in).

    As for Detective… I’m a couple issues behind because double-ship and JFC what a week it’s been, but I think that Detective is the best X-book on the stands today that first arc was awesome.

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