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Pick of the Week #560 – The Flintstones #5

Show Notes

Two Jamokes rock the mics, as Ron Richards takes a sabbatical to experience the theatre. In the meantime, Conor Kilpatrick and Josh Flanagan keep it cool, and have points of agreement and Thor based non-agreement, and points where neither of them understand what happened. But listen, everyone loves Beta Ray Bill. Also, watch out for your beef, people. They’ll go right for it.

Running Time: 01:03:33

Pick of the Week:
00:03:05 – The Flintstones #5

00:12:26 – Nightwing #8
00:18:08 – Spider-Woman #13
00:21:28 – The Sheriff of Babylon #12
00:25:25 – The Unworthy Thor #1
00:32:03 – Southern Bastards #15
00:34:34 – Catwoman: Election Night Special #1
00:37:48 – Superman #10

Patrons’ Choice:
00:41:39 – Motor Girl #1

Patron Thanks:
00:49:16 – Brian Horton
00:51:00 – Arturo Murillo
00:52:37 – Adrian Zaslona
00:54:10 – Simon Martin

Audience Question:
00:56:25 – Nick from Korea wants to know about peeing and pooping in space.

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  1. The art from the ‘Unworthy’ Thor isn’t too shabby. But yeah, Thor’s looking like he’d have issues with some of Spidey’s street-level goons at this point the way he’s been thoroughly de-powered. This ‘Thor’ would’ve gotten his behind handed to him pretty quick thousands of years ago when he battled Gorr with just an axe.

  2. Jane Foster is an interesting character with the power of Thor- she is Not Thor.
    Thor Odinson is Thor, that’s his name.
    And while I too am not happy with a lot of Marvel here I am intrigued by the idea of this book and the second mjlonir especially considering where it came from.
    While Original Sin was hot garbage- this tale of redemption could be a good story.

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