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iFanboy Mini – Episode #25 – Pick of the Week: Hellblazer #243

Show Notes

Hellblazer #243 was
an easy choice for Josh’s Pick of the Week. John Constantine invades
the Vatican to banish some demons in a room without sin. Sounds good
doesn’t it? It bloody well is!


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  1. Eyun Eyun says:

    So this is a good jumping on point then? I’ve never had much interest in the character of Constantine, which I freely admit I blame Keanu for. And also admit that’s lazy of me. But those panels looked beautiful, so I might get this.

    What’s wrong with double-breasted suits? 

  2. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    He just never wore one before.

    Also, it makes you look like a mafioso.  

  3. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    Keanu was pretty good as Constantine, I thought.

  4. Josh Flanagan josh (@jaflanagan) says:

    For an american, he actually got the attitude pretty close, but he wore his sadness a bit too much on his sleeve I thought.  He wasn’t quite…smug enough I think.

  5. daccampo daccampo says:

    I’m not 100% certain on this one, Josh, but the double-breasted suit goes back to his original appearance in Swamp Thing #37. That’s certainly what Diggle’s been playing up since he brought Constantine back to form in one of his first storylines. He used to wear a full suit, trenchcoat, and — IIRC — white gloves. And I think it may have been double-breasted, but I’m not entirely sure.

  6. daccampo daccampo says:

    OK, did a quick search but couldn’t find any images of original appearance. A few descriptions list him as wearing a pin-striped suit and gloves, so I did remember that right.


    Can I do an image here? Lessee… this is from the end of Diggle’s Ravenscar storyline, where Constantine is "back in form."


    <img src="http://farm1.static.flickr.com/198/500903171_763d372521.jpg"></img>&nbsp;

  7. daccampo daccampo says:

    ok, so that didn’t work…ah well…

  8. Eyun Eyun says:

    I don’t have a problem with Keanu (c’mon, Point Break was great), or his portrayal of the character. I just thought the movie was awful, apart from Tilda Swinton, and ever since I equate Constantine being bad with Keanu. But I’ve never read it. As I said, that’s lazy of me.

    So maybe it’s time to change that by jumping on. The art looks gorgeous, and if the character’s meant to be more smug than Keanu’s performance then that sounds better to me.

    Josh, mafioso’s look cool and you know it! 

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