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05.19.2011 – Smallville

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Running Time: 01:01:09

iFanboy's Smallvile Brain Trust – Conor Kilpatrick, Ron Richards, Mike Romo, and Paul Montgomery – gather to remember 10 years of Smallville and break down the final episode. It's a free wheeling conversation that touches on everything from memories of the show's beginning, the high points, the low points, and everything in-between.

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  1. ericmci ericmci says:

    Remy Zero!

  2. srh1son srh1son says:

    “Hey, I like these guys!”

  3. AquaPimp82 AquaPimp82 says:

    I’m going to guess Ron didn’t care for the finale.

  4. boosebaster boosebaster says:

    Smallville continues to intrigue me despite coming across like a very poor Buffy impersonator when I’ve caught an episode. If there was a critical path to get you through the main plots while avoiding the bulk of the crap then I’d probably go for it – I’ve heard repeatedly that it bounces between extremes of quality. But I’m not watching 10 Seasons of it!

    Will still listed to the podcast of course, maybe they’ll turn me yet. 

  5. JediShaft JediShaft says:

    This feels like a elaborate punk. Ron claiming that they got superman right??? We all know he doesn’t like superman and will only read alternate versions of the man of steel. To say that the cast was great when most of the lead actors CAN’T ACT is bizarre. To say smallville had one of the best final episode in history with out dripping the comment in irony is beyond me.


  6. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @JediShaft  This *is* an alternate version of Superman.

  7. I fell out of watching Smallville halfway through, but for a long while it was a big part of my life. I’m the same age Clark is supposed to be in the show, so you could say I “grew up” with him. He had his prom when I had mine, etc. Listening to you guys talking about it (and hearing that unforgettable theme tune again) really made me nostalgic and reminded me of how much I loved Smallville.

    Now I’m going to find my old DVDs.

  8. ShonenRafa77 ShonenRafa77 says:

    A reasoned, well-informed, and very enthusiastic discussion of the series’ wrap-up and full run, by fans of the show. :) It was a BLAST to finally listen to! TEN YEARS!!! :D
    I just went back and watched the last ten minutes of the Finale; they STILL blow me away! :)

    Take THAT, “Smallvillains” l:) :P :)  

  9. MisterJ says:

    @JediShaft  While I make no claim that the finale was the greatest finale ever, it was really, really, good as these things go.  Take a moment to go over finales in your head and see how many actually were better.  I bet the number that you come up with is not very high.

  10. homeboy2000 homeboy2000 says:

    Referring to the comic book Chloe was reading to her son. “7 years later, it’s great that DC is still holding the line at $2.99 price – PAUL     =    BRILLIANT!   

  11. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I haven’t listened to this podcast yet (I will when I get home!) but the comic in Chloe’s hands has a release date of April, 2011 on its cover. It’s nice to see mothers reading old comics to their kids. Someday I hope to curl up with a little one and read him Infinite Crisis #1.

  12. mattgarcxc9 says:

    hey guys when jimmy died they revealed his real name was Henry James Olsen, and the finale was the classic James Bartholomew Olsen.

  13. JesTr JesTr says:

    About the Olsen brothers, they are both namesd James Olsen but I think they have different middle names. It reminds me of George Foreman and how he named all his kids George.

  14. ericmci ericmci says:

    I think there were highs and lows.

    Some – they nailed it and some wow- that’s pretty thin moments-

    But through it all I think you can safely say the show kept going and people

    kept watching b/c it had a good soul.

    It wasn’t Superman but it was a piece or two of what makes Superman that is for sure.


  15. Ilash Ilash says:

    Ron, I’ve got to ask: how is it that you sat through 10 years of freakin’ Smallville and yet wouldn’t even touch Cornell’s Lex Luthor arc in Action Comics because you don’t like Superman? I’m really having trouble wrapping my head around this.

  16. Superyan Superyan says:

    Can’t wait to listen to this one!!!

  17. cpro cpro says:

    Great podcast. It was fun reminiscing.

    I absolutely loved the finale. To me, it was one of those rare times I felt fulfilled by a TV series on giving me what ‘I’ wanted. If I had any critique or complaint, it would be that they slow-played the first hour a bit, but to me, it made the second hour that much better. Also, having Lex back just immediately uplifted the show. From Clark and Lex’s first conversation on, the episode kept moving towards a crazy momentum..

    It’s funny; I was watching with a couple friends and I told them I had three requirements of the finale – The Suit, John Williams, and Flying (no bald eagle). And what was great for me, is all of those expectations were met, but not only that, it was done way better than I expected it be. It’s definitely the best Superman I’ve seen on any screen (flying, speed and motion).

    I think the series turned out to be a definite success with their original goal in my mind – to show how Superman becomes Superman. I didn’t feel like they ever led the audience on. Oh, and man do I hope they continue the series through comics so I can continue to enjoy all the characters.

  18. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @Ilash  Ron is a complicated fellow.

    - He likes teen soap dramas.
    - He likes John Glover’s Lionel Luthor.
    - He likes Superman in media outside of comics.
    - Once he starts a TV show he tends to stick with it.

  19. Well, I’ve watch all ten years of Smallville and I can honestly say… http://blog.mickstatham.com/post/5634360010/smallville

    Tha, tha, tha, that’s all folks. 

  20. Ilash Ilash says:

    @conor  Ha, yeah. Complicated is right.

  21. srh1son srh1son says:

    It seems there’s a problem with the earlier seasons making it to blu-ray.


      At this time, Warner Home Video does not have plans to release SMALLVILLE: THE COMPLETE SERIES on Blu-ray due to technical issues present in the first seasons. These differences include standard definition technical aspects, most notably within special effects, that do not format suitably to Blu-ray 1080p standards. These episodes are available for download in 720p high definition.

    Taken from: http://tvshowsondvd.com/n/15400#ixzz1Mq3Jsr4q

  22. Crippler Crippler says:

    It’s too bad… one thing those early seasons definitely had going for them was BEAUTIFUL cinematography. 

  23. cromulent cromulent says:

    It’s funny that the guy who plays (the) Jimmy Olsen(s) is actually a twin brother in real life. They were both on a Fringe episode, is how I know this.

  24. SuperMoore SuperMoore says:

    I’m really glad you guys did a podcast on Smallville. Conor was excellent to be precise, enjoyed your perspective on the series and finale……

  25. edward says:

    that show was all filler, no thriller

  26. edward says:

    so after hearing the podcast i watched the finale. I can’t beleive i sat through two hours of that rubbish let alone 10 seasons. i mean, jesus christ

  27. Loser13 Loser13 says:

    my brother loves this show, i was just waiting for him to appear with the suit. I so glad it took only 10 YEARS! I agree with Edward. 10 years!

  28. ScottB ScottB says:

    So glad that Ron mentioned how bad the super hero name of “The Blur” was. It was better than “The Red Blue Blur.”

  29. BC1 BC1 says:

    Listening to the discussion on the 7 years before the wedding, I got to thinking: was that the gap between Byrne’s reboot and the comic wedding? Just seemed like an odd number and an odd decision until I thought about how the finale practically put us at the beginning of Man of Steel.

  30. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @BC1  Nah, it was just about ten years between Man of Steel and the wedding.

  31. Jim Mroczkowski Jimski (@jimski) says:

    Well done as always, lads. I watched this one with you in mind, and it died as it lived. Everything I liked and everything that didn’t work for me was still right where I left it last time I watched the show. Say what you will, but not a lot of shows can boast consistency ten years in. This is where my Simpsons tangent would be if not for my renowned self restraint.

  32. warmachine15 warmachine15 says:

    Is there anywhere I can buy a leather jacket like the Blur’s from season 10? I’m not asking sarcasticly, I seriously want one. That jacket is for reals ba-dass.

  33. MisterJ says:

    @warmachine15  On the Smallville Podcast (SHoE) they actually looked into it.  It is a custom job.  There is no retail for it.  That much having been said, you can get one made for about $2k, they said.  If you got the coin, go for it!

    Personally, I would go with a Bat-logo and black leather.  So f’n sweet

  34. warmachine15 warmachine15 says:

    @MisterJ hahaha yeah, I wish I had that green. I’d get a few, and Bat’s would definately be on the list. I’d also go for a Nightwing and a Captain America with a giant star imprint

  35. John Siuntres wordballoon says:

    my favorite smallville scene was from the 2nd season when clark makes his first tall leap from the daily planet rooftop to the luthorcorp building.

    i think they’ve since changed the music from the episode in syndicatio and on dvd, but while clark psyches himself up to sprint to the edge of the roof and jump they played this heroic charging piece of music that sounded like it was from the john williams score.

    you see the fear change to determination on wellings face as he steeled himself to try the impossible.

    for me it was a massive goosepimple moment .

  36. ericmci ericmci says:
  37. I’m finally getting around to listening to this, and to my suprise…..Paul is in it, that always makes things better.

  38. Superyan Superyan says:

    @cpro - I agree on hoping there is a comic series that would continue this story.  Season 11 comic would be fun!

  39. SiobhanCat says:

    So I stopped watching Smallville around season two or three but this podcast made me want to go and watch the finale.  Thanks for having such a prolonged geek out…you make me want to be a better nerd.


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