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03.16.08 – Episode #124: Fantastic Four #555

Show Notes

Running Time – 00:55:30

Conor is back!

00:02:06 – Conor likes wacky science! And his Pick of the Week is Fantastic Four #555!
00:10:35 – With Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #6, the great mini-series ended a bit… quietly.
00:13:52 – As expected, Ron loved the retro Marvel feel in Mighty Avengers #10.
00:16:59 – Ron was tickled by Serenity: Better Days #1.
00:19:57 – Conor loved him some Lone Ranger and Tonto #1, kemosabe.
00:21:08 – Last Defenders #1 made iFanboy laugh.
00:23:19 – It is to everyone’s continual surprise that Josh loves Nova.
00:24:43 – If this is the final arc for Batman Confidential, it’s going out with a bang.
00:26:21 – Madman #8 was a silent issue. Let the rockin’ gimmicks continue!
00:29:07 – Conor discusses his choice for iFanboy’s Book of the Month for March: Queen & Country – Definitive Edition Vol. 1.

User Reviews
00:35:52 – daccampo loved Green Arrow & Black Canary #6 with one caveat.
00:38:00 – zombox is over the moon for Astounding Wolf-Man #5.

00:40:46 – Andrew wants Ron to force the guys to read Savage Dragon.

 00:43:04 – Anonymous misses Ambush Bug.

00:46:03 – We’ve got announcments! iFanboy Mini is here! And everything is in HD!

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  1. Marbles Marbles says:

    Great show – I’ll have to give the ‘Lone Ranger’ one-shot a go, I gave up on the on-going because the story was so decompressed it got ridiculous.

    Also, not to go on and on about it, ;) but the reason Dan Abnett writes cool science in ‘Nova’ may be partly because he writes cool sci-fi thrills week-in, week-out in 2K (and has done for the last 15 years or so).

     Looking forward to ifanboy mini! Do you guys ever sleep ???



  2. PymSlap PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Good song this week.

  3. ohcaroline ohcaroline says:

    Great show — good to have Conor back and (mostly?) con-plague free.

    I was curious how Conor would react to "Mighty Avengers" with his avowed distaste for Silver Age style in contemporary comics.  Was this enough of a spoof that it worked anyway, or is it just that the awesomeiness of Iron Man-Doom buddy-comedy trumps all else?

    Also, Ron — I hate to be that kind of Whedon fan, but you should watch the "Serenity" movie!  Before somebody on the Internetz spoils it for you! 

  4. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @ohcaroline – The only thing that was silver age style about MIGHTY AVENGERS was the production.  Everything else was purely modern.

  5. ohcaroline ohcaroline says:

    @conor - Point taken, and I guess it’s not so much ‘silver age’ as ‘circa 1983.’  Whatever you call that era.

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