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02.24.2011 – All-Star Superman

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Running Time: 00:36:35

02.24.2011 – iFanboy assembles its crack animation trask force as Conor Kilpatrick, Chris Neseman, and staff writers Paul Montgomery and Ryan Haupt break down the latest DC Universe Animated Original film – All-Star Superman! Also discussed is the sad, untimely passing of writer Dwayne McDuffie, All-Star Superman the comic series, the nature of Superman as a character, the deficiencies of Ryan’s girlfriend, and the future of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Featuring a guest appearance by Chris Neseman’s dogs.

Read Mike Romo’s article about the Superman 2000 pitch.

Superman March
Sammy Timberg


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  1. Smutty Smutty says:


  2. TomE TomE says:

    Dump her.

    Then get back together with her… and dump her again… on her birthday… or something.

  3. Shallam Shallam says:

    Don’t dump her. Guys are slaves to girls. Just live with  it and accept things.

  4. Heroville Heroville says:

    I think Ryan’s girlfriend should be a guest on the next one of these

  5. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    “How wonderful for you and for her.” That sentiment by Conor made me laugh pretty damn hard.

    Looking forward to seeing this flick. Sounds like a good one. I usually check these animated films out via Watch Instantly or Redbox, so I look forward to this title coming to one of those locations soon. 

  6. I’m not going to directly say “DUMP HER,” I don’t know your relationship…but I will say that this could be a sign. :O

    Seriously, I enjoyed the movie–I kinda wish that they replaced the Kryptonian Couple with Neverending, and I kinda felt that the actor for Superman, while trying to go for Zen, sounded more tired and bored of everything that calm and caring, but ultimately, I think of it in the same way as Watchmen: for the format that they were using and the time allowed, they did a pretty good job at adapting this story. 

  7. WWest WWest says:

    Convert her.

    On just last week’s podcast Josh was saying how he typically dislikes goofy stuff like Compound Hulk, but loved that issue.  Cheesy comic stuff is a taste that can be acquired.

    I liked the film and the smart cuts, but I worry about the mainstream appeal. 

  8. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    “That old chestnut.” HAHA!!! Hilarious.

    @Paul: I just want you to know that I caught that, and laughed heartily.

    Great show guys. You should totally assemble again for Young Justice. Or a recap of all ten.

  9. John Siuntres wordballoon says:

    i think viewers got spoiled when darwyn cooke did the title sequence for the new frontier video, and now there is a built in expectation that every adaptation should visually captiure the comic book artist’s style.

    i think that is an unreasonable “demand’, given the budget for these films, and we should be happy when it does happen, rather than count on it for every film.

  10. Chris Neseman ChrisNeseman says:

    I own a big dumb dog. Sorry about that.

    Regarding the animation. DC/Warner does it better than 99% of whatever else I’ve seen out there.

  11. kennyg kennyg says:

    Educate her. She is not beyond redemption.

    I liked the film pretty well. The voice acting was a little flat in some cases. I did not like the Superman voice – Tim Daly is THE voice as far as I’m concerned, just like Kevin Conroy is Batman’s voice. Christina Hendricks was great though. I liked Anthony LaPaglia as well.

    This made me want to read the comic, which I did not finish. Still not a Quietly fan, glad they split the difference on this feature’s art.

  12. s1lentslayer s1lentslayer says:

    Didn’t like the part where Lois shoots Superman but otherwise it was really good.

  13. Neb Neb says:

    Looking forward to your thoughts on this.  I’m on the fence about buying it.  You guys haven’t lead me wrong so far.

  14. edward says:

    i love the huge grey mo’ on that guy putting the tent up.

  15. wait a sec, theres going to be a Catwoman showcase for Batman Year One?! holy shit dude, my prayers have finally been answered! yeah… thats sounds a bit sad doesnt it?

  16. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @DarkKnightDetective  Possibly. We’ll see.

  17. Heroville Heroville says:

    Did the site ever do an articel about what characters they’d most like to see get an animated short or am I misremembering? I swore there was one but I can’t find it in the search.

  18. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @Heroville  It wasn’t about the shorts, it was about the movies in general.

  19. Interesting schism at the end there. Sounds like an ace film.

  20. DrAwkward DrAwkward says:

    Definitely an “evergreen” film, good job there.

    I’m a huge fan of commentary tracks and a little disappointed they had Grant on with Bruce because so much of the commentary became about the book rather than the film… and between the Absolute edition, CBRs exhaustive interview series, other Grant Morrison All Star interviews, and the other two extra mini-documentaries featuring Grant, I feel like the book has more than enough exhuastive analysis into its creation (including Grant Morrison explicitly denying that Quintum was intended to be Luthor, despite the popular online speculation).  Not saying, I don’t want to hear Morrison’s thoughts but I was really looking forward more to Timm talking about the film process, adaptation, etc.  Additionally, being in the same room with someone he once wrote a fan-letter to did mean that Timm was probably a little more self-aware and unable to speak completely freely about the adaptation process.  Sadly, I think we got more insight from NYCC panel than this commentary track.

    Regarding the Batman Year One animation including a short, Sam Liu said that was because Year One was such a short graphic novel and that rather than injecting new material into the story they wanted to adapt it faithfully and give us a short to make up for the short run-time.  That suggests that the short is folded into the Year One production budget rather than being sort of an add-on meant to be subsidized by a later disc collection.  Since the Shazam Showcase didn’t seem to do well, added-on shorts are probably out of the picture which is a pity (I was happy to buy it because it was the return of commentary tracks).

    Regarding Timm tiring, I think the CGI GL series has presented him with a new learning curve to master and keep his job fresh while these direct-to-disc projects still allow him to see classic 2D hand animated projects.  So he’ll probably find the job rewarding for some time to come.

  21. ericmci ericmci says:

    Just to underscore how solid McDuffie’s work was.  Especially with the DCU.
    It seems some people have jumped on the wagon animated DC with the recent quality of the feature films, but for a long time now the animated JLU was my Justice League for so many reasons.  And McDuffie was a big part of creating such quality work of animation and story telling in any comic medium for that matter.

    And Ryan- your gf has a problem with the romance?  Is she a fan of movies like the Notebook?(assumption on my part)  If so – I have a question about her questions.

  22. dgazzuolo dgazzuolo says:

    I just bought and watched “All-Star Superman” last night and couldn’t help but wonder what someone who had not read the source material would have thought. I enjoyed the movie because I knew what the themes were and where it was going, but I could understand Ryan’s girlfriend’s displeasure with moments in the film if she did not have the prior knowledge of the comics. The film really throws a lot at the viewer in a short time. It was a good idea to take out the Bizarro stuff (though in the comics I love the Bizarro stuff) and the future supes issue because if a viewer thought the story was cluttered without those inclusions, there is no way the whole comic story would help get them to enjoy the adventure.

    Oh, but as a fan of the Morrison/Quitely story, I loved the “Superman Now” extra. Great insight.

  23. Templar17 Templar17 says:

    Leave the fortress of scoffing and dump her.

  24. LRecio LRecio says:

    I haven’t read the comic and rented this the other night.  Loved it.  The sequencing was a bit confusing at first, but I caught on and was back on track quickly.  Great ideas throughout, I especially like the bit about the key and a paranoid Lois! It felt a little rushed, though, in that there wasn’t much explanation or time dedicated to some points, but I know they had alot of content to get in. But it might be I just wanted to be more immersed in the movie’s world, so I guess it did it’s job.   

  25. LRecio LRecio says:

    btw, great show and great reviews guys, keep it up. 

  26. dgazzuolo dgazzuolo says:

    @LRecio  Thanks for the quick review as a person who hadn’t read the books. I have been waiting to hear from a person in your position. I am happy to hear I can let friends (who do not want to read the comics) borrow the movie, and they can enjoy it.

  27. VichusSmith VichusSmith says:

    My favorite part was when Paul’s girlfriend was called a horrible person.

  28. Paul Montgomery PaulMontgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @VichusSmith  Ryan’s girlfriend. 

  29. VichusSmith VichusSmith says:

    Oh, yeah.

  30. ScottB ScottB says:

    I haven’t read this yet, but watched it over the weekend and I must say that this was soooo much fun. I thought the voice casting was GREAT as well. Chris is right and it should be renamed to “Superman is AWESOME.”

  31. VichusSmith VichusSmith says:

    Someone should pay Chris Neesman to be a hype man, because no one enthusiastically throws out ridiculolus daggers of love for things. I was slightly surprised that the man who got teased for loving Queen and Country so much calls All Star his favorite of the decade.

  32. WeaklyRoll WeaklyRoll says:

    Watched this on Friday, and was actually very happy with how it turned out. i was hesitant to watch it, wanted to read the book first, but decided that I’d just watch it. What i loved about this is that Superman is boiled down to his basic elements, which are highlighted to show how great Superman can be. I wish there were more Superman stories like this.

  33. AquaPimp82 AquaPimp82 says:

    I’ve never read the mini before but damn was this good. I even got a little misty eyed there at the end.

  34. bobby2889 says:

    they are still doing shorts btw guys. There will be a Catwoman one with Batman: Year One. Which I’m sooooooo excited about

  35. Conor Kilpatrick conor (@cskilpatrick) says:

    @bobby2889  That’s correct. I’m prerry sure we mentioned it on the show. (it’s been awhile.) Either way, until and unless something changes that’s the last short.

  36. bobby2889 says:

    lol yeah I did the dumb thing and commented before it was finished lol. we should have the option to delete stupid posts. Done it a couple times lately it seems lol

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