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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #559 – Silver Surfer #7

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Josh may be on the open road, but that’s not going to stop Conor and Ron to talk about all...

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Special Edition Podcast – Luke Cage

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Conor Kilpatrick and Ron Richards are joined by surprise special guest Josh Flanagan to talk about the third 13-hour original...

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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #558 – Hadrian’s Wall #2

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Sometimes you get together to talk about the week in comic books. And sometimes you listen as Conor Kilpatrick loses...


Talksplode #69 – Mark Russell

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Thanks to iFanboy patrons, it’s Talksplode time. When we read Prez, we were impressed, and when, shockingly, The Flintstones series was discovered to...


Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #557 – Darth Vader #25

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The deluge of comic books in October continues, but Josh is able to find a diamond in the rough in...


Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #556 – The Flintstones #4

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It’s the march of the endless #1 issues! Just when you think you’re done, there are more #1′s around the...

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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #555 – Deadly Class #22

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In this episode Conor has trouble saying the various forms of “patron”, Josh is grumpy, and it’s the end of...


Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #554 – Power Man and Iron Fist #8

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Things get out of control, but not til the VERY end, so you’re going to want to hang in there...

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Pick of the Week Podcast – Episode #553 – The Black Monday Murders #2

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We’re live! In person, at least! Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards got together in Los Angeles this week...

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Booksplode #15 – Dark Knight: A True Batman Story

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It’s back! Thanks to our awesome Patrons, it’s the return of the Booksplode! What’s a Booksplode you might ask? It’s...