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Pick of the Week #582 – The Old Guard #3

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Down one jamoke for hopefully the last time, and it was a fine week for comics all around. Ron even...


Talksplode #72 – Aubrey Sitterson

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Thanks to iFanboy patrons, it’s Talksplode time. Aubrey Sitterson writes the ongoing G.I. Joe series for IDW Publishing, and yes, there is...


Pick of the Week #581 – Nick Fury #1

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It’s the morning edition of iFanboy as Josh and Ron come to terms with Conor’s new role in the French...


Pick of the Week #580 – Power Man and Iron Fist #15

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With Conor Steve in the witness protection program on vacation, Ron and Josh jamoke it up, dual style, and of course,...


Pick of the Week #579 – The Flintstones #10

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Things can get emotional when we’re reading our comics and this week turned on the waterworks a bit. Ron and...


Special Edition – T2 Trainspotting

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Two aging hipsters put the comic books aside to come to terms with the past twenty years in the shape...


Pick of the Week #578 – Unfollow #17

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In this extra-long episode, Conor Kilpatrick, Josh Flanagan, and Ron Richards talk comic books in which fifth week grumpiness abounds...

The Flash_By Mark Waid_Book One_Thumb

Booksplode #18 – The Flash by Mark Waid, Book One

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It’s back! Thanks to our awesome Patrons, it’s the return of the Booksplode! What’s a Booksplode you might ask? It’s...


Pick of the Week #577 – Black Hammer #7

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Heads up for another classic pronunciation of “corps”! It’s another grand ol’ time at iFanboy. Learn why some comics are...

The Wild Storm_2_Thumb

Pick of the Week #576 – The Wild Storm #2

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On this week’s free-wheeling episode of your weekly comic book talk we also find time to cover Conor Kilpatrick’s spreadsheets,...