Uncanny X-Men_4

• How is Magik the only one of the Phoenix Five to come out of the experience unscathed?

• And there is something strange going on with one of the other members of the UNCANNY X-MEN.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Chris Bachalo
Cover by Chris Bachalo & Kris Anka

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  1. I’m definitely loving this as well as All New X-Men, but surely aren’t both series kinda mirroring each other at the moment?

    • thumper555 says:

      Yeah, it’s basically running as two sides of the same story post AvX. Cliffhangers go between books since Bendis is writing both.

  2. thumper555 says:

    Anyone know the over under on who is jumping ship?

    • bub64882 bub64882 says:

      My money is on young Jean Grey. Which is a bummer because I was kinda hoping we would get to see some interaction with her and Rachel.

  3. misterckent misterckent says:

    I like this story. I love seeing Cyclops post AvX.

  4. theWAC1 theWAC1 says:

    These covers are AWESOME! Magik certainly cuts the mustard with that big-ass Bachalo sword. Very excited for this.

  5. MikeFarley says:

    So the resolution of the ALL-NEW cliffhanger was kind of off-hand and not very exciting.

  6. slickman83 slickman83 says:

    Man Bendis writes a crappy Australian, she talks just like an American except when she says “crikey”, Australians never say crikey

  7. Really liked the story in this issue and this continues to be one of my favorite books. My issue (my opinion) is that the art is not really for me. Some panels look great, some panels look haphazard and the characters appear to me as though I have dropped acid.

    Other than that, I’m a big fan. And if you disagree or think I’m missing something, I am interested in hearing your opinion.

  8. MrBrewIV MrBrewIV says:

    I was like, “Damn I love this this Art! Looking at these characters makes me feel like I dropped acid!”
    Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

    I love that his work is so unique. Also, look at the character’s expressions. He is great with expression and emotion. Also, I just read an interview, where he says that the 1st 4 are rushed. http://chrisbachalo.net/gallery-illustrations.html

  9. Neeks Neeks says:

    Weakest issue of this series so far but with the upcoming arc about Magik with Irving on art should be interesting

    • theWAC1 theWAC1 says:

      Totally agree! Irving was the selling point for me on this title (kinda strange huh?). Confusing story this time around. Felt like a filler issue.

  10. Firevine Firevine says:

    Yeah, if All New X-Men had have come out before this, that would have been great.

  11. muddi900 says:

    Why is All New so good, but this is so bad?

  12. BradLWoods3 BradLWoods3 says:

    This didn’t do much but bore me. Felt like I’ve been there, done that.

  13. JBalz JBalz says:

    How come the stepford cuckoos were let down by meeting Jean Grey? They should have remembered her from Morrison’s New Xmen.

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