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MILESTONE 225th issue! AND…FOR THE FIRST TIME…the results of a Presidential Election will directly affect the events to come.

On November 6th, the citizens of the United States of America will select their Commander In Chief. The winner, and his goals and agendas, will play a role in shaping the next stage in Jim Downing’s evolution.

Meanwhile…Jim’s long search for answers about his past comes to an end in this two-part story, featuring the return of fan-favorite villain, Jason Wynn.

Wynn, the master puppeteer whose manipulations led to Al Simmons’ original fall from grace, now lays bare the full truth regarding Jim’s role in “The Project.” But what are Wynn’s true intentions? And what ramifications do they have on global events.

Story by Todd McFarlane
Art by Szymon Kudranski
Cover by Todd McFarlane

Price: $2.99
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  1. I’ve been reading through the entire Spawn series, and these newer issues really add to the story. It’d the return of Jason Wynn and this time Spawn only knows him second hand. Should be good. Is Spawn just not iFanboy taste? I always wonder why its never discussed here.

    • I’ve noticed that if it’s not DC or Marvel than it’s not getting a lot of love here, with few exceptions. I wish a lot of the Dark Horse stuff was more popular, too.

    • SPAWN just isn’t super popular any more in general. It’s estimated to sell around 15,000 copies.

    • Spawn day was in the 90s but us hardcore spawn fans know how good its been for awile. 15000 is more then some of the books you guys Talk about Conor. But if its not your guys taste I respect that. I do feel your missing a up coming artist. Who may be a star in kudranski though.

    • @mastysnow: I mentioned the sales figure to illustrate why SPAWN isn’t talked about a lot in general and here on the site, not on the show. Sale have nothing to do with what we talk about on the show.

    • My fault mistook that

  2. Even when talking in the comic shop, Spawn hasnt really been discussed much. I like the character and some of the story but I’d prefer different art with some more color. Also, the change from Simmons to this new dude put a lot of people off.

    • I agree and I also like the new direction & story line. Though in the back of my mind I really wish Al would make a comeback, maybe he will someday?

    • I stopped reading around issue 16, and then randomly came back to comics during Endgame. I really liked it, and have since collected and have been reading the entire series parallel with the new issues. It really works for me, even though the art is kinda dark sometimes. Im just now getting to the issues with the Legion in Al’s “head” and knowing that Jim didn’t leave makes it a very different read. I think I’m the only one at my LCS who picks it up, so I get it, it just surprises me because I’ve found the plot drama-filled, intricate, and a steal at 2.99. Thanks for chiming in.

    • Yes no Al Simmons is,a big problem even for me I agree

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