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Former soldier and new mom Alana has already survived lethal assassins, rampaging armies and alien monstrosities, but now she faces her greatest challenge yet: the in-laws.

Story by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Fiona Staples
Cover by Fiona Staples

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 38.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. Well this has been the best series that has come out this year (for me) so I expect this to be just as good as the rest!

  2. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:


    More giant monster genetalia!

  3. nindustrial says:

    I just jumped back on the comics train after a few year hiatus. Grabbed the vol. 1 tpb and issue 7 a couple days ago, then devoured them all yesterday. I CANNOT WAIT for this to drop. One of the best series I have ever read and it’s just getting started.

  4. walterwhite walterwhite says:

    I hope those morons at the comic shop order enough of these this time :) ,,,Best series of 2012

  5. ghostmann ghostmann says:

    Holy shit there are a lot of great comics coming out this week. I feel sorry for the iFanboy that has this weeks POTW – gonna be a tough one.

    • adrianrigter adrianrigter says:

      No kidding, i have no idea what i’m going to read first:)

    • hanson724 hanson724 says:

      I usually have the same problem about what to read first but not when Saga comes out. Awesome book!

    • MutantSentry MutantSentry says:

      So am I the only person who saves the books I’m looking forward to the most to read LAST each time?

    • kzap kzap says:

      Same, although I don’t have massive amounts of self control and it doesn’t really bother me sometimes I’ll just mix it up and read them in whatever order they happen to be in.
      I also don’t read all my books in one sitting, I pace them out throughout the week whenever I have the time, is that unusual?

  6. sundogsherpa sundogsherpa says:

    After the terrible news from Newtown, even seemingly insignificant things like a stack of good comics amounts to a lot at times like these. Thank you to all the artists for your hard work. Peace

  7. walterwhite walterwhite says:

    I really like this cover, damn Fiona Staples can do no wrong.

  8. I’m with this till the end. This is one of the greatest pieces of literature I’ve ever read :D

  9. misterckent misterckent says:

    Lots of fun! I really enjoy rereading these each month!

  10. At first I was like, ‘Yay more Saga!’

    And then I was like, ‘Shit, I gotta see more of that monster’s junk.’

  11. BCDX97 BCDX97 says:

    I’m probably just going to wait for the second printing.

    Wait, what?

    • yeasayer yeasayer says:

      You joke, but my LCS hasn’t had any of Saga for the shelves yet, every month it’s “sold out to pre-orders” by pull list people. They need to order way more. I don’t like pre-ordering comics 2 months in advance, before anyone suggests that I should do that.

  12. TheRealVenom TheRealVenom says:

    I seriously get withdrawls waiting for this every month.
    Starting to wonder if Image is lacing this pages with heroine or something….. >_>

  13. TonyyyG TonyyyG says:

    this better not sell out on me! this is fucking awesome!! Easily the best comic this week aside from all Thor GOT

  14. wraith1701 wraith1701 says:

    This is the cherry on top of a good comic week. I know it’s greedy of me, but I wish this book came out twice a month! :)

    I envy the people who won’t discover this series until issue 80 or so, and have the chance to dive in and enjoy it all for the first time in trade format without the break between issues.

  15. consafo80 consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Nice seeing an indie book topping the pulls. But not suprised this is an awesome book.

  16. ososnilknarf ososnilknarf says:

    Just got back from my LCS, and they told me that this comes out NEXT WEEK! I told him that on the web it says it comes out today, and he said, “No, it *shipped* today, but a bunch of books can’t legally be put on the shelves to sell until next week, and Saga is one of them.”
    I was really looking forward to picking this up today. And I’m pretty sure he’s wrong… isn’t he?

  17. fo sho says:

    This was awesome. Just…awesome. Loved the scenes with the parents…both completely fantastical and yet, realistic. BKV is on it! And the art never disappoints!

  18. TonyyyG TonyyyG says:

    I got mine today no problems, really love this book.
    man is BKV good at final pages. I did not see that last bit coming!

  19. hanson724 hanson724 says:

    I Love this cover . Another great issue!

  20. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    I love Alana. And I’m gonna keep saying it, because that’s how true it is.

    This was good. Not mind blowing or anything, but every issue doesn’t have to be my POTW. There a lot being set-up here, and I can’t wait to see where it all goes. I’m really looking forward to the Will/Stalk backstory next month.

    Also, Staples is a machine. She started out strong, and gets better every time. The art alone gets this issue a 5/5.

  21. Pennyworth Pennyworth says:

    The thing I always realize after reading is just how far Vaughan and Staples move the story in each issue, seemingly without much effort.

  22. walterwhite walterwhite says:

    Another great issue hands down, great dialogue and art as always. I also really enjoyed the insight at the back of the book which gave a glimpse into how Staples makes this book come to life….Really interesting stuff. I’ll say it again this book is the real deal.

  23. Rizzle13 Rizzle13 says:

    BKV and Staples do it again. This has been one of my favorite issues so far. It gives more insight to Alana’s character and her expressions throughout this issues were just great. I really love this series and I am always craving the next issue.

    Random side note: I can’t be the only guy totally in love with Alana.

  24. jbraun jbraun says:

    the only thing even close to this is Sweet Tooth. fantasitc

  25. mrmarky mrmarky says:

    This is an example of a “good” comic. The only reason it is being hailed as “amazing” is because almost everything else is just mediocre.

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