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In the aftermath of INVINCIBLE 100 and “The Death of Everyone,” Dinosaurus has left his mark on the world. Can heroes from across the universe – Invincible, the Guardians of the Globe, Tech Jacket, the Astounding Wolf-Man and more – contain the damage done? Or are the end times of the Invincible Universe ahead?

Story by Phil Hester
Art by Todd Nauck
Colors by John Rauch
Cover by Todd Nauck

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. wangman31888 wangman31888 says:

    Will give this a shot, but so far none of the Invincible spin-offs have been good

  2. Probably one and done with this book myself.

  3. Bram216 says:

    I’m wondering if I should even bother….probably will be a “at-the-shelf” decision.

  4. houseian houseian says:

    It is a shame that all the Invincible tie-ins are piss poor.

  5. DenverDave DenverDave says:

    Nope. Not interested.

  6. Tuff_Ghost says:

    Surprised at all the negative comments before anyone has even read the book :/ Going to give the first arc a shot and see how it goes.

    • acroanidd says:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Im with you. I’ll at least give one arc a run, but if it keeps up a decent story like this it’ll be a permanent resident on my pull list.

  7. jackalope21 jackalope21 says:

    Surprisingly good, i always found the Invincible supporting staff very wooden. Much better than the main book itself.

  8. This book is so damn good. But then I knew that because Hester and Nauck did a hell of a job on their last run of GoG.

    Seriously, those two guys are two of the best super-hero creators in the biz. And those not digging what they are doing here are NUTS. Nuts I say!

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