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Green Arrow’s gone looking for trouble, and he’s found it – in triplicate!

Three women who give new meaning to the term “drop dead gorgeous” have our hero outnumbered and outgunned! Collectively, they’re called “Skylark,” and they’ve been sent on a secret mission with Oliver Queen as its focus! Who’s directing them, what is their shadowy goal and will Ollie let his guard down and be gulled by these beautiful and deadly adversaries?

Join new creative team Anne Nocenti and Harvey Tolibao as they chart the next chapter in the life of Oliver Queen!

Written by ANN NOCENTI

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.1
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  1. Curious to see Nocenti’s take on Green Arrow. Been a long time since I’ve read her work…

  2. I’m giving this book a second glance now… I dropped the previous run after the first issue.

  3. Green Arrow has always been one of my favorite characters, but so far I’m completely underwhelmed. The new creative team had better make a splash quick or I’ll have to cut this one loose. Sadly, the synopsis hasn’t done anything to really excite me.

    • I’m in the same boat. Oliver Queen is one of my favorite comic book characters, and it saddens me that this title has been so underwhelming for the past few years. I really hope this is a return to form for Green Arrow.

  4. I have high hopes for Nocenti to turn this book around. If not then my soul is crushed.

  5. In an art preview I saw the drawing looked hella wonky, I think this book would really benefit from some simplification art wise along with the new writing.

  6. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Nocenti. Can’t wait …

  7. I’m going to pick this up; fingers crossed. Hoping for the best.

  8. Green Arrow to me is a great character with alot of history and so far I think this title has been pretty damn good! I hope that it continues on being good or gets better lets not step backwards like some other great characters will be such as Hawkman.


  9. I have to admit right off the bat, I looked over at the preview of this issue at CBR and the artwork looks really sloppy in the first few pages. I am a GA fan and I thought the first six issues were pretty good and the artowrk was alot better than what I saw in the preview! Hanging on!!


  10. I picked this up because I thought the art was unique. I thought it was interesting how it said “Annie Nocenti” on the cover.

    Haven’t read it yet, hope it’s decent. I passed on the first six issues, and I love George Perez (well, up until very recently).

  11. The art takes a few pages to get used to, but once your mind adjusts….it’s decent-to-good. Nocenti goes quickly, right from page one separating herself and Green Arrow from the pace of the previous creative teams. Very little of Naomi or Jax in this issue (which may be a good thing), and right to the action with Skylark.

    What at first appears to be a fairly straightforward story becomes cohesively complex as the issue goes along. Although you may be able to guess what happens, I think you’ll enjoy how Nocenti gets you there.

    My only criticism is that Queen seems unconcerned when Naomi suggests some environmental activism from Green Arrow….which; all G.A. fans know, is the exact opposite of the character. That said, I’m willing to give Nocenti some time to actually write a decent story of how young-seemingly unconcerned-Green Arrow becomes environmentally-active-Green Arrow.

    Overall, a great step in the right direction for this title…..and a remarkable improvement on previous issues.

    • I am a huge fan of the old Mike Grell GA from, well, a long time ago…. I for one am enjoying the way the writers are moving this kid Oliver forward to the more mature and dark character of past runs.

      He is even getting a beard now…. if you didn’t notice….

  12. I know the previous issues of this run have a bad reputation, but surely they couldn’t have been nearly as bad as this issue. The was probably the worst comic I’ve read in months. Almost read. Didn’t finish. Because of the bad.

  13. Aaaaaauuurrrrrrggggghhhhhhh! What the hell? This was supposed to fix the title not destroy it!?! The art is all 12 year old faces stuck in abnormally large heads stuck on semi realistic bodies…it was like trying to read a book about those animals with the really big eyes on greeting cards. The story was allright, but this Ollie is not yo Mama’s Ollie. I think I’ll dig out my past runs and retread the Ollie of old. Green Arrow, consider us divorced.

  14. Well I liked it.

  15. If Nocenti wasn’t a lady, you’d think this was written by a sexist male pig.

  16. i wanna cry it was so bad

  17. Jeez, I didn’t think it was bad at all. Hell of a lot better than the Krul or Jurgens stuff… The art looks neat, finally doesn’t look like something from 1998!

    I”m not totally sure about the characterization of Ollie yet, but its moving in a much better direction then before. I smell losing the company and fighting for the little guy coming soon!

  18. Absolute shyte. Another DC title dropped.

  19. Well i finally read this a week later yet I read it and this issue started out really good and then the art just dropped off and the story seemed to skip entire parts and really honestly was a ball of jubbled shit! I can not believe anyone would print something like this??!! I have much love for GA and want his book to be straight up bad ass not shit ass!! What a serious mess!! I will check in next month for a one last chance…you know what……no…… I am done doing this to myself.


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