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• Following her standoff against The Joker, Catwoman takes an easy job: stealing Eclipso’s Black Diamond from The Black Room!

• The diamond’s power rises with the full moon…like on the night Catwoman sets out to take it!

Story by Ann Nocenti
Art by Rafa Sandoval & Jordi Tarragona
Cover by Trevor McCarthy

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 0.0%
Avg Rating: 2.8
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  1. TheRealVenom TheRealVenom says:

    Ok, no death of the family tie in here, This is Nocenti’s last chance, please don’t let me down.
    The first 10 issues of this series was so good.

    • BCDX97 BCDX97 says:

      I thought the last issue was awful. So bad. I hated it. I will be avoiding anything with the name Nocenti on it in the future. I wish DC would just dump these tired old hacks like her and Tom DeFalco and give some new blood a shot – it can’t be any worse.

    • Curlibusj Curlibusj says:

      I agree, the art work was a mess and all her characters look alike so I can’t tell who’s doing what. Goodbye Catwoman and no more Nocenti books, I’m done with her garbage.

  2. DrBr00klyn DrBr00klyn says:

    this was seriously among the single worst issues I’ve ever read. Good bye Catwoman, I’ll be back when you get a new writer!

    • yyzKyle yyzKyle says:

      I put down the book…. grabbed my laptop…. told my 5 year old I would play trains with him in a minute, I just had to do this one thing first.

      Dr.Br00klyn, you took the words right out of my mouth.

      Wow, this book was a terrible read. The art might have been ok, but my brain cramped multiple times trying to decipher Nocenti’s writing. Really the worst book I read all year.

  3. Webofthornns Webofthornns says:

    Had to drop Green Arrow when she came along, now I have to drop Catwoman, her writing is atrocious

  4. daningotham daningotham says:

    Ok, I thought this issue was WAY better than both of the DOTM tie ins. Finally, back to stealing stuff! This is turning into a good heist story!

  5. Slapz616 says:

    O man this was a terrible read. I believe it has to do with Nocenti’s bad writing. I was so lost the entire time and sometimes the art and the story telling were not matching up making it confusing to realize what was actually going on.

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