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Blue Beetle_14_Full

• Blue Beetle fights for his life on Reachworld!

• If the Reach wasn’t dangerous enough, Blue Beetle encounters a new ally who might prove to be more trouble than he’s worth!

Story by Tony Bedard
Art by Ig Guara, JP Mayer, & Marcio Takara
Colors by Pete Pantazis
Letters by Rob Leigh
Cover by Ig Guara, JP Mayer, & Pete Pantazis

Price: $2.99
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DavidClark11/21/12NoRead Review


  1. Hawkboy Hawkboy says:

    Great book…. it’s a shame nobody reads it.

  2. DavidClark DavidClark says:

    Fucking GREAT issue! Maybe best one in the last 7 or 8 issues. F U DC for cancelling such an entertaining book.

  3. Pennyworth Pennyworth says:

    Why is this getting cancelled again? I always pick this up and know exactly what’s happened and understand where it’s going. The art is always consistently solid as well. I’ll miss this book.

  4. Webofthornns Webofthornns says:

    Love this book, shame it’s going away.

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