AvX Consequences_5


Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Gabriel Walta

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  1. Dyn0myte Dyn0myte says:

    This has been a surprisingly good series. I’ll miss Gillen’s run on Uncanny X-Men.

    • wraith1701 wraith1701 says:

      This was actually pretty good! AvX was uneven & plodding at times, but looking back, I’m glad it happened. We’ve got some cool stuff rising from the ashes of the train-wreck. :-)

  2. Limitless Limitless says:

    I can’t believe I’m not only still buying this, but enjoying it as well. Who’da thunk it.

    • Elwapo187 Elwapo187 says:

      Better Than AvX. Maybe next time they can have one person write the cross over.

    • Limitless Limitless says:

      Absolutely agree. You’d think Marvel would understand the power a unified vision can give to a comic instead of trying to sell everything to everyone by putting every creator they have on an event title.

  3. Cranpa Cranpa says:

    I thought this was surprisingly well done; and I’ve been yearning for a whole issue of Mark Brooks since he started doing the Legacy covers.

  4. Jdudley says:

    Since JIM became the best “tie-in” to Fear Itself, Gillen has proven himself to be the master of handling event tie ins.

    Heck, I still maintain the JIM’s Fear Itself issues WERE the event!

  5. wushugushu says:

    Man issue 4 was full of hype for me.. Ready to the read this and see where all this goes for marvel now.

  6. k5blazer k5blazer says:

    Looking at the art on this issue and it reminds of the cartoon “8th Man” from when I was a kid.

  7. Has anybody else had trouble with their free digital copy? I tried to redeem my code, but it comes up with Avengers Vs. X-Men: Versus #5.

  8. koryrosh koryrosh says:

    Better than AvX, hands down.

  9. LeviHunt15 LeviHunt15 says:

    Awesome issue, the transformation of Cyclops is complete and it makes complete sense. I think Scott may be the most fully realized character is superhero comics right now. I love what he said to Wolverine about their respective roles now. I wish Kieron could continue to write Scott.

    • I have to agree… I always hated cyclopes and felt he was a lame character, but this really really shows a deeper, darker growth of a character who is needed in the new world after Professor X

  10. fo sho says:

    I didn’t like Gillen’s run on Uncanny and I didn’t fully enjoy AvX…but this tie-in has been GREAT! Really interested to see what Scott, Erik and Illyana get up to! And I hope it’s not just that they’re “villains.”

  11. The only good thing to come out of avx and sets up Bendis and bachalo’s uncanny x-men perfectly.

  12. DikBallistik DikBallistik says:

    Wow, a tie in that finally does it’s job: getting me interested in buying more stuff

  13. natureboy1 says:

    I really enjoyed the 1st 4 issues of this series. I loved that they were dealing with such big, philosophical questions. However, I was completely let down with this issue. I thought the art was second rate and I’m afraid that Cyclops is coming across more as delusional than as a leader of a movement. Oh and one more thing….can anyone tell me what the story was that turned Magneto from a charismatic, revolutionary leader to a second banana “yes” man? I’m really upset about the weakening of this character over the last few years. It makes no sense.

    • KenOchalek KenOchalek says:

      I believe there was an issue of uncanny… around 500 I think… where magneto came to utopia and bent the knee to cyclops. I don’t recall if his rationale for this was ever really spelled out, but in general, with no new mutants being born, magneto apparently saw the flaws in his previous worldview. I have a feeling the “yes man” you’re seeing might have another change of heart.

  14. Ok, im new to reading comics so Im just learning who the writers and artists are. And thanks to this issue, I will from now on avoid anything that Walta does. The artwork was horrible! Otherwise, the story has gotten me interested in other Marvel titles and i must now make eliminations again on my pull list to make room for new titles.

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