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Comic Books Aren’t Late Enough Anymore

If you’re a publisher, you just can’t win.

CRAZE: Homestuck (The Web Comic)

Molly explores the crazy fandom behind the web comic HOMESTUCK in her first installment of CRAZE.

So I Read LOST GIRLS: And Other Pertinent Thoughts

A SFW work column about erotica, esoterica, etc.

The New 52 – Six Months In

Mike realizes the profundity of sixth issues in his stack and reflects on how the New 52 is doing, half a comic book year later.

Are You Still… A Collector?

The physical copy is becoming passé, but it’s still hard to say goodbye.

Re-Think Things: Geek is Gender Neutral

Molly is sick of being a geek “girl” – she just wants geek to be geek.

How The Heck Did Jor-El Find Earth?

A question of Kryptonian proportions.

The Importance of Being Curious

After getting to the end of a few novels and DMZ, Mike realizes that his love of comics is in direct proportion to how curious he is about them.

CHARACTER REHAB: Professor X is a Mess

Spokesman for a species. Most powerful telepath on the planet. Doddering uncle who’s probably out in the garden or something.

What’s Wrong With You? The Hank Pym Issue

Pym is a marked man, and he’s marked for a reason.