You win, Internet. Entertainment Weekly Proclaims Nathan Fillion the “Geek God”

Internet obsession object Nathan Fillion has not only been dubbed the "Geek God" by Entertainment Weekly, but he's also on the cover of this week's issue sporting a Green Lantern t-shirt.

You can read some of the cover story here.


  1. Heroville Heroville says:

    Am I supposed to sacrifice Farscape fans to him on an alter?

  2. If they ever make a movie about Nathan Fillion, I think Nathan Fillion should play him.

  3. Ali Colluccio WonderAli (@WonderAli) says:

    this is FULL OF WIN!!


    I lurve this with many lurves.

    <3 <3 <3 <3



    …ok, I think I’m out of internet memes.

  4. Neb Neb says:

    I heard his interview on the Nerdist Podcast a few weeks ago, and it turns out that not only is he awesome in a lot of stuff he’s in, but he’s just a genuinely cool dude.  Good for him on the cover story. 

  5. TomE TomE says:

    I’m in lesbians with this.

  6. clintaa says:

    why? I’ve been a “geek” for all my nearly 30 years and I don’t get the love for this guy at all. All I’ve seen him in a few episodes of firefly which just put me to sleep.  Not trying to be “negative internet guy” here I’m genuinely curious.

  7. Metamorphic Metamorphic says:

    @clintaa  You just need to look beyond Firefly (which, IMO, was actually pretty darn great. But I didn’t discover it until DVD.) His Dr. Horrible work was hialrious, he’s done voice work for such animated fare as Wonder Woman, the upcoming Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, Robot Chicken, and various video games. From interviews I’ve seen and read, he seems like he’s got a good sense of humour and actually does appreciate comics himself. PLUS, he was born in Canada so bonus points for that! (Just ’cause I’m a fellow Canuck!)

    I can see why geeks love him. And I of course include myself.

  8. KickAss KickAss says:

    Hard to believe Conor still reads EW.  I had to cancel it 10 years ago for it’s lack of quality.

  9. daccampo daccampo says:

    @clintaa  – you need 31 years, then you’ll get it.

    j/k – but seriously, that’s a question that’s going to come down to opinion. If Firefly put you to sleep, you’re already in a different mindset than a lot of fans. I like Fillion; he comes across as a cool dude, he likes geeky projects, and he makes for a charming, slightly quirky leading man. In an era where every major actor is vying for the latest geek franchise role, Fillion just seems “at home” in the niche, which i think endears him to the nerdily inclined.

  10. Y’know they offered me that title, but I totally refused…

  11. wangman31888 wangman31888 says:

    my dream would be for the geek god to appear on the greatest geek show, Chuck!

  12. Noto Noto says:

    Because Castle is the bomb, yo.

  13. drakedangerz drakedangerz says:

    Spirit fingers.

  14. j206 j206 says:

    I like Fillion and all. He’s a cool dude who does neat work. But the truth of the matter is if he hadn’t been the lead in a Joss Whedon show, he wouldn’t have 1/5 of the rabid fans. It’s not so much his work or ability, as it is he represents the Whedonites fandom. It’s nothing more than a different version of the Buffy mania that exists online. Whedon fans are of a different breed. Give them credit. They are one passionate lot. And they’ll be sure to let you know all about it.

  15. Jack239 Jack239 says:

    yeah. men think he is alright. crazy fangirls want to polish his knob.

    i will say he is still my mental image of hal jordan.

    i like him. but he is the creation of the crazy wedonites.

  16. y2kkev y2kkev says:

    No offense to Reynolds, but he looks more like Hal Jordan on that cover than Ryan Reynolds does those movie posters.

  17. finalmonkey says:

    I think they meant to say Bruce Campbell.

  18. Muady Muady says:

    Now, I love Nathan Fillion, but I think most people are a bit overzealous in imagining him to be the perfect live action Hal Jordan. Or whatever male superhero happens to be in casting in a given month.

  19. kennyg kennyg says:

    Never forget – the hammer is his penis.

  20. joeislive joeislive says:

    lol the banner for c2e2 with GL is right on the side of the ew pic and man, looking at them side by side, I have to jump on the bandwagon and say he would have made a great Hal Jordan.

  21. SpiderTitan SpiderTitan says:

    I bought Serenity on iTunes just now in his honor of pure awesomeness. All Hail Fillion!!!

  22. flakbait flakbait says:

    He’d make a fantastic Guy Gardner in a sequel, though, and, come on, let’s be honest. Gardner > Jordan.

  23. @flakbait  Guy gardner is the only green Lanern i have any interest in at all. Hal? YAWN!

    If the internet had nearly the pull that Entertainment Weekly thinks it did, Snakes on a Plane would have made a billion dollars and Scott pilgrim vs The World would have made 5 billion. 

  24. AbeFroman AbeFroman says:

    @y2kkev  Totally agree.

  25. @clintaa- i dont really get it either…sure he seems like a nice guy but the rapidness is very odd! Plus i dont get why ‘Castle’ is possible, its just awful derivative muck. Firefly was cool though!