WonderCon 2012: Carol Danvers Gets a Haircut and a Promotion in Kelly Sue DeConnick’s CAPTAIN MARVEL

Ms. Marvel is shedding her golden locks and taking on a new role in the Marvel Universe with this summer’s Captain Marvel ongoing from Kelly Sue DeConnick!

A well-deserved promotion to one of Marvel’s strongest leading ladies and one more degree of separation from DC’s Big Red Cheese.

Here’s a look at the new Carol Danvers, designed by Jamie McKelvie! The artist shared his original concept art and commentary on Tumblr:

So it was just announced at Wondercon that Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing a new ongoing Captain Marvel (formerly Ms. Marvel) series, with Dexter Soy on interiors and Ed McGuinness on covers. I had the privilege of designing Carol’s new costume. Our idea was to give her a kind of swash-buckling costume that invoked a sense of her history as an Air Force officer. Her hair is slicked back at the sides when in costume – so her Kree-style helmet can form when she needs it.


Series covers come courtesy of Ed McGuiness.

And here’s a preview of July’s Captain Marvel #1 with art by Dexter Soy!


  1. DrewHLMW says:

    she needs her long hair back, other than that should be good

  2. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Looks like Soy’s interior pages showcase a less severe hairstyle change. Still shorter, but not quite the military crop from the cover images.

  3. jackietam jackietam says:

    I honestly thought Jim Lee designed this.

  4. Maceface Maceface says:

    the hair is awful

  5. I am jazzed for this book. The new costume feels very busy; I’d have preferred a re-tooling of the black costume

  6. player1 player1 says:

    I’m not familiar with the artist, but I’d definitely read it based on Kelly Sue’s involvement.

    The hairstyle shown in the image where she’s tightening her glove looks great, and goes with the uniform.

    Maybe it’s a new style of Kree military uniform.

    I read the Brian Reed series from a couple years ago, and enjoyed it.

    Looking forward to more Carol Danvers.

    It’s about time they made her Captain Marvel.

    I hope they do more cosmic stuff with Carol than they have in the past.

  7. Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

    Does she have a mullet?

    Other than that, I love the way the costume looks in the McKelvie drawing.

  8. player1 player1 says:

    The Jamie McKelvie image is really nice.

  9. Heroville Heroville says:

    Costume looks fine without the mask; not quite sure why they need it.

  10. bpepple bpepple says:

    Get a definite Miracle Woman vibe off of this costume, tho it might be due to the hair style.

  11. james james says:

    If those pages are from the first issue, she might cut her hair and ditch the mask by the end of the first issue/story arc. Who knows. Either way, I am intrigued.

  12. T.G.Rogers T.G.Rogers says:

    This is so exciting!
    I love Ms.Marvel! Er- I mean Captain Marvel! Haha, I can’t believe it, this is great, I’m actually going to get to read an ongoing story about a female superhero! Written by Kelly Sue! Her work on Osborn was great! And even though I love her current coustume, I can get used to this. Plus it’s refreshing how there not oversexualizing her since that’s what happens ta most female superheros.
    Man, with this, plus the craziness of AvX and the new digital Ifinete comics, it’s a good time ta be a marvel fan.

  13. I, too, and less than enthused about the hair, but everything else about this sounds awesome and i’ll definitely pick up the first issue.

  14. Looks great to me.

  15. stasisbal stasisbal says:

    Interesting. The previewed interior art doesn’t do anything for me but I’ll probably give the first issue a try.

  16. convoy83 convoy83 says:

    Love the concept, costume is okay, wouldn’t mind seeing her in a costume a little closer to either the original captain marvel or Genis-vel, but definitely should keep the sash, and like everyone else I’m not sold on the hair cut…

  17. The haircut is great, how many female characters need JRJR Jersey Shore hair? All of them?

  18. Conor Kilpatrick Conor Kilpatrick (@cskilpatrick) says:

    Regarding the hair, it’s important to note this from McKelvie’s blog (quoted above):

    “Her hair is slicked back at the sides when in costume – so her Kree-style helmet can form when she needs it.”

    Sounds like she’ll have normal hair when she’s out of costume.

    • edward says:

      McKelvie has been listening to too much La Roux (which is any La Roux really)

    • MrSethypants MrSethypants says:

      But if she still has longish hair like in the interiors the top part of her hair still looks short which gives this sorta mullet look that is pretty awful and dated.
      If she has short hair like in the covers she can still look alright outta costume. But chances are she’ll be in costume most of the time and the hair just doesnt do it for me.

  19. edward says:

    I bet the new costume features comfortable shoes too; if you know what I mean

  20. I think I can say this has to be the worst redesign I’ve seen in quite sometime, and I’m not just talking about the hair.

    • stasisbal stasisbal says:

      The costume itself strikes me as a rather conservative redesign. It’s slight alteration on the Caption Marvel outfit, with a touch of military influence and the sash from her last costume.

      Have you not seen some of the redesigns DC has spit out in the last year?

    • stasisbal stasisbal says:

      whoops, Caption Marvel… now there’s a hero I’d like to see.

  21. dkbrain dkbrain says:

    I think the design is excellent, especially when compared to Ms. Marvel’s old costume and the DC re-designs.

    Now, Captain Marvel won’t have a costume that exposes her ass cheeks (rather impractical for a super hero) and demean her status and credibility.

    The hair is fine. I’m surprised at the animus towards it.

  22. sphinx69 sphinx69 says:

    Hate the short hair but I love Carol Danvers. Glad she is Captain Marvel now.

  23. Avistann Avistann says:

    I actually really like the hair and costume. Since Incorruptible and Irredeemable are ending soon, I may have room to give this a shot!

  24. AlanRob AlanRob says:

    Loved Kelly Sue’s Osborne Mini from last year (I think?), so I’m willing to give this a shot.

    Speaking of Osborne, anyone know what Emma Rios is working on next?

  25. RahUniQue RahUniQue says:

    Am i the only one getting a Miracle-Man vibe from the costume?

  26. filippod filippod (@filippodee) says:

    I read somewhere that this book is about a strong female character without the male fan service (read: boobs and ass). If that’s the case McGuiness missed the point.

  27. Yay! Captain Planet is back. “Let our powers combine.”

  28. No offense, but I completely disagree with this design philosophy when it comes to costumes. I do think that every aspect should serve a function, but that the function should be in service to the aesthetic appeal and not necessarily a practical purpose.

  29. Neb Neb says:

    McGuiness just drew a dude with boobs. Why does Marvel have him draw covers for books he’s completely inappropriate for? Just like Captain America and Bucky, this is going to be some bad, bad cover art.

  30. KenOchalek KenOchalek says:

    If this is $2.99, I’m in!

    With all the folks pitching fits about a lack of gender diversity behind and on the page, this is a great opportunity for fans to really vote with their wallets.

  31. icn1983 icn1983 says:

    It reminds me a great deal of Miracleman, which in turn reminds me that Alan Moore’s Miracleman is still out of print, and that reminds me to be sad.

  32. PraxJarvin PraxJarvin says:

    Carol Danvers appears to have stolen a Starfleet Uniform from Star Trek: First Contact, She even has the rank pips!

    I actually really like this costume. And I prefer her look without the mask. I actually don’t think the McKelvie drawing does it justice, the McGuniuess image is the on that sold me.

    I was a fan of the Brian Reed Ms. Marvel series, so I’ll probably pick this up.

  33. cprevite cprevite says:

    I love Carol Danvers and like Kelly Sue’s writing. That being said, I REALLY dislike the new costume and hair and, what’s worse – the interior art does NOTHING for me. Sad panda. :^(

  34. I really love this new design. No matter who is drawing it by the way (I don’t think Carol looks like a man in those McGuinness covers) The costume is very well designed and it has a great military vibe to it. Even if her hair is going to be longish, the shorter version we’re seeing is pretty good too.

    What a shame this title is going to get turned into a mini-series after several issues. Seriously as much as we love this, do we honestly think this is going to last more then an arc? It’s based on (two) characters no one reads or knows about, the creators are great but they aren’t big names, and look at Marvel’s track record lately. New titles barely last for more then a year. I know I am sort of ranging on the lifespan of the series but I doubt we’ll see much of this series once it hits stores.

    • player1 player1 says:

      If it goes a year, I’ll be happy.

      Two years would make me ecstatic.

      Three or more years would be a gift from Providence.

    • T.G.Rogers T.G.Rogers says:

      Where not going to let that happen though.
      This is going to be the title thats gonna break the mold.
      We just need enough people to support change.

  35. Ainslo Ainslo says:

    I think the old costume looked great but it is impractical and the sort of thing we have to move away from, also if she is in a position of responsibility or authority, this is the costume to go with. And as C said it looks great in the McKelvie pic. The strange way McGuiness has done her face sort of makes the hair look stranger and the shinny costume is not going far enough away from the old, the McKelvie drawing looks more like a uniform rather than a costume, if you know what i mean.
    Finger crossed

  36. MrSethypants MrSethypants says:

    Wow Im pissed. I was pretty excited about it prior to this. I love the costume and I never got the need for ms marvel to wear a leotard anyways. But the hair looks so f*cking ugly. omg.
    The cover looks like she just have short hair slicked back. Its awful as it is already but the interiors looked like she got longer hair at the back with a sorta mullet and slicked back up. Oh gawd, the mullet in the interiors are so awful.
    I dont know why there is a need to show that women only can look strong when they’re butched up. I would’ve been totally fine if her hair is just a short bob like powergirl or even vixen’s hair, short but in a feminine way, kinda like twiggy in the 60s.
    The whole look put together is just horrible.

  37. If Jamie McKelvie was drawing the issues, I’d definitely give it a go. But he isn’t. So I won’t.

  38. Her haircut and the little bumps/spikes(?) on her gloves are a little too Rachel Grey’s old spiky costume from the Excalibur time period. It looks good in the concept sketch, but it needs to be a fun, modern short haircut – not a 90s mullet.

    Do you think it’s easier to draw it that way? Carol Danvers has been so many things over the years, but I think she’s too classy to get a haircut that bad. And if she did somehow end up with that haircut (pay attention Marvel), she’d quickly go to an upscale salon and GET IT FIXED. I’d say that’s a good plot for Issue #2. Maybe as a back-up story. :-1

  39. KenOchalek KenOchalek says:

    I think the hair and costume works — I’m the furthest thing from a fashionista, but I see the short hair as looking pretty modern actually, maybe almost trendy.

    It’s her previous hairstyle that I think looks out of date (I’m thinking of Cindy Crawford, Kathy Ireland or Baywatch here). I’m sure it’s more fun for artists to draw women with high-volume, long-flowing hair, but I don’t think that’s really been in style for some time (see also my disdain for artists that seem to think that mid-riff shirts are still in fashion for young women)

    I also appreciate that Carol — a highly skilled and decorated veteran of the armed forces — finally has a costume that isn’t a one-piece swimsuit with thigh high boots and arm-length gloves. Does invulnerability mean you can’t feel cold?

  40. DoctorDP DoctorDP says:

    Proving once again that I am a horrible person, my first thought upon seeing the new look was, “Ms. Marvel is coming out of the closet? Huh.”

  41. Is it me or does she look like a bleached blond Asian I don’t care for it I think there is nothing wrong with . her black costume. Give it 10 issues and she will be back to her black or even original costume. Didn’t wonder woman wear a costume similiar to this at one time over in Dc. Marvel should see how that worked out for wonderwoman. This better not be the captain marvel that I have been catching teases of during AvsX. I thought it was going to be the return of the true captain marvel. Man my hopes were jp

  42. comichero1 comichero1 says:

    Yeah buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!