Wolverine Gives A Big Ol’ Middle Finger To Cyclops in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #1


Last week in X-Men: Schism #4 when Cyclops and Wolverine finally came to blows it was, on the face, about using a bunch of C-list X-kids whose names I don’t even remember as soldiers. But it was really about Jean Grey. Both men loved her and that simmering tension finally came to a head.

After Schism the mutants split into two factions–one following Cyclops and one following Wolverine–and it looks like things are going to get 80s movie high school mean girls level bitchy.


  1. MaxPower MaxPower says:

    Wolverine: classy motherfucker.

  2. Too soon.

  3. So… are they the JG-Men now? ‘Cause that’s a less cool logo.

  4. This all sounds and looks great

  5. WarrenPeace WarrenPeace says:

    I guess Wolvie got the kids in the break up…. its always hardest on the children in a divorce.

  6. BC1 BC1 says:

    That art…that looks…awesome!

  7. PotatoPope PotatoPope says:

    At least they are using Iceman for something.

  8. nastysnow nastysnow says:

    Love it sounds like a great idea im a big fan of aarons work im looking forward to his x book. It shows logans love for jean and wtf marvel its been ten years bring her back. I dont know why morrison killed her off any way

  9. koryrosh koryrosh says:

    That shit is COLD!

  10. WeaklyRoll WeaklyRoll says:

    I must say, there have been some fantastic comments so far. Laughed out loud a couple times!

  11. Timmy Wood TimmyWood (@TimmyWood) says:

    Hey this looks kind of interesting. Maybe I will give this a shot.

  12. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    The Jean Grey School of Go F*ck Yourself Cyclops

    The more I see about this series the more I love it.

  13. wangman31888 wangman31888 says:

    this has got to be the most passive-aggressive move that Logan’s ever made, I guess it’s progress

  14. Tork Tork says:

    I take from this teaser that Logan’s a big fan of artists that work with Warren Ellis.

  15. AquaPimp82 AquaPimp82 says:

    How are they paying for this? Warren? I’d also much rather live on an island. #teamCyclops

  16. RoiVampire RoiVampire says:

    Love the statue of Jean. Wonder who they got to make it. Bet it’s whoever made those Avengers statues

  17. I might well buy this.

  18. bobby2889 says:

    Jean is an infinitely more powerful character dead (I mean storytelling wise not Phoenix-power related) and this is testament to the power she has on those two men.

    Also I think the Avengers statues are made by Alicia Masters.

  19. bobby2889 says:

    P.S doesn’t Poitr sculpt too? That might be a nice touch.

  20. Neb Neb says:

    This looks likes it might have the same feel as Generation X did back in the day, which was a book I loved that had some great Bachalo art in it.

  21. RobotZombie RobotZombie says:

    After taking another look at that picture I think Wolverine’s secret secondary mutant power is influence over the Westchester Zoning Board.

  22. CaseyJustice CaseyJustice says:

    Fucking. Burn.

    I’m not loving Schism so much, but I’m excited about the aftermath. Mainly because it seems like it will just be a series about Logan spending every resource he has making Scott regret that cold shit from issue 4.

  23. IroncladMerc says:

    And where does Wolverine get the money for this? The Avengers I guess?

  24. sunhero sunhero says:

    O no he didn’t!

  25. thehangman thehangman says:


    looks like i’m sticking with this series past issue 1.

  26. WheelHands WheelHands says:

    I think this is awesome. Cannot wait.

  27. Chris Rohling Anson17 says:

    I haven’t been reading X-men since a few issues into Fraction’s run. That might have to change. This is a fun idea for the new status quo.

  28. While I still want Jean back, this is a great idea. She was supposed to be headmistress right before she was killed so naming the school after her is a fitting tribute.

  29. ohcaroline ohcaroline says:

    There’s going to be Jean Grey School tie-in apparel, right? I mean that’s a pretty snazzy logo to waste.

  30. Fett02 Fett02 says:

    I honestly have been waiting since Messiah Complex for [some of] them to go back to the X-Mansion. Greymalkin Industries and Utopia have never felt right.

  31. SpiderTitan SpiderTitan says:

    Wait…They changed the name of the school?!?!?!?! I don’t think that’s ever been done before, wow an X-Men comic without Xavier’s Scool For Gifted Youngsters. Although renaming it Jean Grey is pretty nice & funny as an insult to Cyclops, I definitely don’t see that feud getting resolved anytime soon. Can’t wait til October!

    • MaxPower MaxPower says:

      Wasn’t it also called Xavier Institute for Higher Learning? The gifted youngsters was the original name, then I imagine they had to change it when actual youngsters didn’t refer to themselves as “groovy” or “hep cat”, let alone as “youngsters”

  32. I’ve been giving Jason Aaron a lot of flak recently but I gotta say…..This is fucking hilarious.

    Just…I mean…

    How long has Wolverine been thinking about this? This place looks so expensive and detailed he must have had blueprints on this school for months.

    Then you got the name, which is just a big ‘FUCK YOU’ to Scott. Which is always a good thing for give an FU to Scott…

    For once I salute you Mr. Aaron on such a hilarious idea.

  33. edward says:

    ha ha, that’s awesome

  34. Natebot Natebot says:

    That is fantastic, first thing i looked at this morning and it’s made my day. That goes a long way towards me not hating Jean Grey any more, not all the way but some.

  35. blulew23 blulew23 says:

    My favorite writer. One of my top five favorite artists. My favorite character, starring in an X-book, which has always been my favorite line of books. I’m giddy. Seriously, I need to shower. This is just too cool. I hope Jean does come back now and I hope she shacks up with Logan.

  36. samlankey samlankey says:

    tribute to the first x-lady

  37. Usually when you have a cool teacher you don’t learn anything. I wonder what Jean would think of this whole situation.

  38. zombox zombox says:

    I wanna read this book… but Bachalo ssuuuuuuucks. I cannot abide his art.

  39. Metamorphic Metamorphic says:

    So WOLVERINE is founding schools now?

    I think I’ve definitely been away from the X-Men too long. I remember when Patch was one of his aliases, not what he wore on the sleeves of his tweed jacket.

  40. Toadmeister Toadmeister says:


  41. janoscd janoscd says:

    I know I am picking some very nerdy nits here, but what the Hel has happened to Marvel’s graphic design department in the past few years?! Their logos, ad copy, and overall aesthetic is just atrocious. Sure, none of that speaks to the quality of the content in the slightest, but for people like myself who can’t help but notice “the presentation”, it is viscerally off-putting. Come on, you House of Ideas…draw me in like you used to!

  42. ato220 ato220 says:

    I’m personally a little more than sick of this constant reference to Jean Grey in the X-Men books. It’s good to see that at least this is finally being used to advance the story. I think the X-Men have been languishing since House of M and need something to return them prominence. Also a good artist on the main book wouldn’t hurt either.

  43. If Jason Aaron wrote a re-telling of the bible I would read it. The guy has not let me down yet. Jason Aaron and Scott Snyder are at the top of the industry right now in my opinion.

  44. i like the return of the “school” aspect of the X-Men. I have no issues with utopia, but the school concept has always been a strong one and i’m glad to see it coming back.

  45. mrfull says:

    Man….who cares x-men has been one big crap shoot since the days of Claremont and Byrne. Get rid of all these damn books and flesh out these characters and make them cool again.